Did Not Finish: Battle Princess of Arcadias

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Arcadias CoverThis is one I’m really sad to say it about, since I was actually looking forward to it, but this game leaves me no choice. Ladies and gentlemen, I did not finish Battle Princess of Arcadias.

The game is the fifth and final game that was produced by Nippon Ichi Software for their anniversary, but was developed by Apollo Software for PS3. Even though NIS didn’t develop it directly, it empasizes many problems with NIS games and seems to borrow its navigation systems from the old NIS game La Pucelle. NIS America recently released it as a digital-only title. Continue reading

Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 34, 2014)

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Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 33, 2014)

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Brainstorming My Dream RPG (Part 3: Items and Equipment, Minigames)

Before I begin this time, I need to make one quick note: I picked up Grandia on PSN. It’s quite surprising just how close the combat system is to what I had in mind, in its own retro way. If you think about it, I’ve almost designed a more hectic spiritual successor completely by accident. I stopped playing fairly quick, however, thanks to everything else being terrible (especially that camera). I’ll definitely try more, though.

In any case, moving on, now that we know how combat will take place and have laid out some of how the progression works, I need to figure out how the player gets from fight to fight, and how they get their items and equipment. Continue reading

My Top 10 Favourite JRPG Boss Battle Themes

Because, like last time, I simply felt like it.

Just like with the normal battle themes, I’m restricting myself to one song per series to avoid flooding the list with different entries from one series, or even one game. I’m also not including final bosses for obvious reasons.

It was actually quite tough to come up with 10 for this list with how many entire series have nothing but bad boss songs, but I did manage eventually, so let’s see what I have here… Continue reading

Jump ToC Rankings (Issue 32, 2014)

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Rundown the Street (May-June 2014)

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Let’s see what’s been up over the past two months… Continue reading


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