[EXTERNAL POST] Viva la Revolucion

The YCM Christmas logo. It’s still using this logo because the admins have been MIA for what seems like an eternity.

A friend of mine made a post on yugiohcardmaker.net on the current state of affairs after he was banned for what the vast majority of users see as unfair reasons. He unbanned himself for the sole purpose of making said post and was banned again, with the post edited by the moderating staff to say, simply, “No.”, and the thread was locked.

The title of this blog post was his idea, and, for his sake, I have reproduced the entire thing here, where only I have the ability to remove it:

Greetings, Yugioh Card Maker Forum frequenters.

Presenting myself, Rodrigo Rubio Canejo, for a conversation with the very you. Did you notice? I used my real name! How obnoxious and awkward for an internet forum about card games, don’t you think? I don’t. I have no problems with revealing my real name to anyone online. Because I have nothing to hide. Why fear when nothing incriminates you?
Speaking of fears, that’s something really notorious on this community. We seem to have one predominant voice here that takes advantage of the respect it gained, and of the lack of our Administrators who are completely incompetent and uninterested on their own community. That predominant voice responds by the name of Crab Helmet. This fellow Super Moderator who got this power by our hibernator YCMaker is highly respected on this board because he/she uses sophisticated phrase construction with a big dose of sarcasm and irony, making his/her posts noticiable and pleasant to the eyes of the reader. And the fact that he/she is a SUPER MODERATOR didn’t even help in the slightest, obviously, right? After presenting the above, I’d appreciate if all of you, readers of this message, stopped rubbing your asses on your chair and followed this line of reasoning:
What if, one day, one of you commoners made a mistake on your job, got rightfully warned about it while getting the mistake fixed, but then all of a sudden, many years later, someone who has been away for centuries that somehow still has powers over the location you’re in, decided to strike upon your desk, took a look around the place, decided to be a fail troll, picked up on mistakes that were more than 2 years old, bullied and offended the mistaken, so deeply and so shamelessly that it took him to a uncrontrollable state of mind which ultimatelly made the mistaken make yet another error, causing his exile of that place by that same “authority” who first bullied him?
If you’re as smart as I know you are, you’ll have figured out I’m talking about J-Max VS. Frunk here. Shorly saying, Frunk is a terrible moderator. He simply used of the same methods that got members like Welche banned: the art of trolling. But on YCM, the land without a leader, everything’s allowed! We have a moderator who can choose the day and the hour to pick someone up, beat him down to death, and feel proud about it! “Oh, but this place isn’t a democracy, it’s a dictatorship”. A dictatorship can work without a DICTATOR? Because as far as I can see the higher-ranked moderators are way below the standards required by the position of dictator, and our only dictator decided to go with the bears on a cave and snore his ass off.
After this unfortunate but perfectly possible and acceptable episode, Crab Helmet, as the good self-proclaimed dictator that he/she is, decided to follow the logic of Frunk and picked up on me and Kitty and put na end to our membership status. Oh no! I’m banned! My life is over. My life would be over if I didn’t make this very letter. For as people are afraid to deal with the truth, but I’m not.
What was the reasoning behind my banishment? “Self-described pedophile”. Ooooooooooooh, interesting, so like I make a club about ANIME! little girls and I’m instantly labeled as a law-breaker. I bet my ISP is being checked now. Well, good luck finding anything. As I Said on the very beginning, I have nothing to hide. Making the club was a mistake? Yes, it was. No one is perfect, that’s like, one of the first rules you learn about life. But it seems like Crabby Patty missed that class.
If He/she had used good sense of logic, nothing of this would’ve happened. You can check everyone of my 15000+ posts on this community; nothing has ever included innapropriate content. But no, I made a club (which was stupid on a semmingly stupid section) about something stupid like all other stupid clubs, and that club happened to be stupid enough for some stupid Moderator to make the decision of erasing me of this fine estabilishment.
…by now, I know you’re wondering how the hell I could be able to post this since I’m banned. Well, Rodrigo has tricks and Crab proved to be not so smart yet again by not banning him properly. I have access to a Damage Control account that could get this account unbanned (which means I CAN see what happens on the Moderator Forum).
Moving on, I’d like to make this fine conclusion that all of your riding Crab’s dick has been the second worst thing that ever happened on this fórum, the first being the neglection of our Administrators. Crab Helmet is one of the worst moderators this board has seen, with Frunk being the pottential worst, though somehow the competition has been fierce when we take into consideration the shithole that was the older moderator council.

Nothing of this matters though, because my account will just get deleted, this thread will be erased, and YCM will continue being dictated by idiots that don’t do anything positive other than sitting on their throne pretending to be the inquisition, and banning members at will when they’re bored.
Because we all want a community this big to be ruled by sharks that have more teeth than brains.
After reading this, make sure to properly do your filthy job and put me on the Banned group, Crabby Patty, for as I don’t want to be parto f a community where you have the last word while you don’t have the means and the capability to do so.
Don’t forget to join Hanako Ikezawa (Lunar)’s club, there we have not one, but THREE active Admins who wil get things done.
Rodrigo Rubio Canejo, over, and out.


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