For How Expensive Aniplex Stuff Is, At Least They’re Smart

Cover art of the first BD compilation released...
While the title would make you expect someone cuter than most little sisters in Japanese fiction, you get this middle-of-the-road one instead. Too bad, since Japan seems to have a knack for making cute little sisters…

As I’ve noted previously, season 2 of Oreimo is incoming in Japan and Aniplex needed to make a smart move and release Oreimo to more people, or they wouldn’t move many copies of season 2 if they were to license it. Now, I don’t really hold too high an opinion of Aniplex of America’s practices regarding its prices and other such things, but it’s nice to know that they at least have logic.

ANN has announced that Oreimo‘s first season is indeed getting a standard edition release. For the reasons I mentioned in me previous post on the subject, this is a smart move. At this point, I’m just looking forward to hearing if they’re dubbing the rerelease or not, since such things aren’t unheard of and Oreimo sold out rather quickly before. With Toonami possibly (emphasis on possibly) making a return, a dub may not be too bad an idea. Of course, if they don’t have all of the episodes, including the 4 OVAs, I still wouldn’t pick it up.

Still, not much to say about it as it stands (aside from “Good job, Aniplex!”), without repeating myself, so I’ll just mention another Aniplex decision that was announced today that made me smile.

Yes, this is really the cover of the first Light Novel. Doesn’t seem like a cover to me, either.

ANN also put up a story about Aniplex’s belated licensing of Bakemonogatari (the title is a pun that best translates as Ghostory or Monstory). A bit odd that it took this long, despite selling even better than Puella Magi Madoka Magica (also known as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, which translates to Magical Girl Madoka Magica), a year beforehand, making it the highest-selling anime since the new millenium, yet I still give Aniplex credit for actually releasing the damn thing.

But I worry about the quality of the potential dub this might get. The series may as well be called “The Everybody Stands Around and Talks Show”, so the quality of the script has to be top-notch, and the dubbing in general has to be really, really good, or the entire dub will suffer. I hope that Aniplex thinks long and hard about what they’re gonna do with their release of that series. They’ve certainly proven that they have the brains to, in any case.

Just please, please don’t wring out my money like your other releases, Aniplex, and I might come to actually like you.


2 thoughts on “For How Expensive Aniplex Stuff Is, At Least They’re Smart

  1. i never actually end up buying the dvd releases, i just get them from free anime sites, but then again it might be different if i didn’t need english subtitles.

    • I don’t see why not needing English subs would affect anything at all, since the DVDs let you toggle the dubs and voice tracks separately.

      But I honestly prefer supporting the industry through physical releases. I buy anything I liked from streaming if available here.

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