Blurbs all the Way 2

So, that poll from last time I spoke about Turtles all the Way: A Shell Game

Low vote count despite all the hits the blog got. *sigh*

Quite the mixed reaction, and that was rather worrisome, so I asked around about what was wrong. It seems it sounded too much like I was explaining it to someone in person rather than communicating it through writing. So here’s a new attempt that’s more generally liked by my inner circle:

Everyone has bad days…

And flying turtles aren’t any exception. While on his daily routine, Magnet Zakame, a “normal” turtle with dreams of stardom, gets thrown into a chain of events which eventually leads to the disbanding of a ruthless organization that aimed to take over the plot. The media mistakenly treats him as a great hero, completely ignoring how it wasn’t his intention. When the government then tasks him with taking down the infamous group of terrorists known as the “DOGS”, the same group that killed his father a few months ago, Magnet and his friends jump at the chance to accept. But it doesn’t take long for them to find out that they may be involved in something far bigger than they had ever imagined…

I won’t be posting a poll this time. If you have something to say about it, the comment box is right there. Personally, I think this one does better at attracting people who aren’t necessarily the type to like weird stuff.


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