Why Do People Waste Their Money For Pointless Websites?

What did those poor greenbacks ever do to you?

It honestly surprises me. Just how much money do people have that they can just throw away $17/month for pointless websites? I mean, $17/month is the standard price for a website ending in .com, right?

In that case, I’m rather disappointed in whoever it is who’s throwing away money to maintain a website like ismycomputeron.com, which merely contains the text “YES”, centered. I mean, sure, it’s funny, but is that joke really worth $204/year when most people either don’t know it exists and won’t visit more than once if they every run into it?

And then there’s stuff like the Instant No Button and Instant Rimshot. I take one look at sites like these and just think… really? Unless there are ads I’m not seeing in there (since I block all ads), those sites are just dollars down the drain for something YouTube can do just fine, as has been shown by videos such as this one:

If the owners of these websites are in any of the many countries that are trying to recover from a recession, I really have to question the logic behind throwing perfectly good money away for such pointless websites when they could save it up for something important.

I mean, I have no right to tell them they can’t do it, and it’s funny the first few times you see these sites, but just… ugh. Next time you see these sites, try thinking about how much money is being wasted to keep them up. Or not, it would kinda kill the initial laughs if you do.