We Get To Use Noire Right Away!?

Dem boobs.

So, my post yesterday was about the new so-called Godly Dimension Game Neptune VICTORY that was announced two days ago. Today, a new image popped up.

Apparently, there are reports saying that the four goddesses will be available quite early. This image here suggests that you get Noire right away. Nice to see they they’re willing to break their pre-established pattern and decided to not force the player to grind shares to unlock the goddesses that aren’t Neptune for their party. Though, I suppose, to be fair, that Noire isn’t a goddess in this game because Sony didn’t have consoles until the PlayStation.

But the plot also doesn’t sound like it’ll be trying to force us to listen to anti-piracy propaganda for the entire game, either, which is good. Sticking with that for more than two games in a row would be limiting the potential of such a great idea for a series.

Developers, take note. Neptunia is simply taking its central four characters and its premise, and has decided to place it in an entirely new setting, not afraid to change things for the better. Honestly, if these detail are the ones we’re told right out of the gate, I can’t wait to see what changes are getting implemented farther down the line.


2 thoughts on “We Get To Use Noire Right Away!?

    • There is no announced license for English distribution yet.

      We have to wait for NIS America’s announcement. Of course, I’d talk about it here as soon as I catch wind of it anyway, though.

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