Semester’s End

For the sake of shaking things up, here’s a different irrelevant fish image I found on Google.

Finally, no more lectures until September. All I have left are 3 exams and an essay.

Which is good, since I can focus completely on working to save money and actually programming Turtles all the Way: A Shell Game.

To be perfectly honest, the more I look up about the development process for games, the more and more worried I get. I mean, my current process is working perfectly well, but it lacks things like level design, voicing, and 3D art, among other things. As I believe I’ve ranted about already, 3D art requires money I don’t quite have yet. Level design needs several other things finished first, and voicing needs concept art for the characters at the very least.

But at least the story is completely finished. I’ll be right on coding, as soon as my essay is done.