Why Do We Humour Lazy Parents?

Now, if parents would actually READ these…

I’m going to cut myself off early on this one, ’cause I could go on for a long time about this.

Why do so many parents out there feel that other people need to do their job for them?

Case in point, parents getting Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty for their kids, deliberately ignoring or snapping at the person behind the counter who tries to warn them that the game isn’t for kids, then complaining about violence in video games.

Then there’s the people who did the study recently that “discovered” that searing is common on Xbox Live. No duh? It’s mainly the kids doing it, anyway, and there’s apparently a block button, so what, exactly, is the problem?

And now there’s this. While I don’t condone the actions described by that article, it only happened because parents are too lazy to self-regulate their children.

How long are we going to humour these idiots? They should have been laughed out the instant they started complaining, but no. I hear that, despite video games being protected ruled to be speech in the US by their Supreme Court, idiots keep trying to pass redundant laws that go against video games as a whole. These people need to shut up and stop being lazy.


One thought on “Why Do We Humour Lazy Parents?

  1. One would think that the image of a soldier toting a gun on the cover or, you know, a game with “Grand Theft Auto” in its title would be enough to tip parents off…

    Also, am I the only one who can’t wrap his head around “Capcom” and “The Smurfs” appearing in the same sentence?

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