Stupid People are Funny

Where the stories of stupid customers gather. XD

Lately, I’ve been frequenting Not Always Right.

I don’t get why, but idiots who insist that they’re right are funny. No two ways about it.

But why are stupid people funny?

I’ve never understood it myself, but if I had to wager a guess, stupid people are funny for reasons that are rather similar to why clumsy people are funny. When looking at it from the point of view of anyone except for the clumsy/stupid person, you just laugh at the thought of someone actually doing said stupid/funny act in real life.

But the fact remains that those sorts of people do exist. And, as someone who’s been caught doing stupid things/tripped over myself in an overly dramatic fashion, it’s most certainly not funny when you’re the one who’s stupid/clumsy, nor when you’re the one who’s forced to deal with an idiot who refuses to listen.

But I’d wager most people have experienced that in some fashion. So, then why do people generally laugh instead of cringe when seeing/hearing stories about stupid/clumsy people?

I’m not entirely sure myself, but it sure is something interesting to think about.


2 thoughts on “Stupid People are Funny

  1. I think people laugh for the same reason people look back on awkward moments. It’s casting a positive light on a negative moment, I guess.

    Except it’s slightly different, if that makes any sense.

  2. This correlates to the superiority theory in comedy.

    Google describes it as this: The superiority theory of humor traces back to Plato and Aristotle, and Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan. The general idea is that a person laughs about misfortunes of others (so called schadenfreude), because these misfortunes assert the person’s superiority on the background of shortcomings of others.

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