Progress all the Way

I suck at art, but I made this image a long time ago, when trying to come up with Magnet’s initial design.

I’ve been working hard on coding the cutscene engine for Turtles all the Way: A Shell Game. It’s finally almost done, which will be a good thing, since I think I already brought up how I’ve been generally running into problems. I mean, honestly, I still have to deal with a handful of the remaining issues, but at least I’ve fielded a few of them now.

I put up the second blurb attempt a while ago (would love to see more opinions on that), and it was, at least generally better-received (although seen by less people than) the first attempt.

Some quick discussion with the team I’m working with right now seems to have our team name settled as “Those People You’ve Never Heard Of”, TPYNHO for short. If that name’s not registered in Canada and the US, I’ll be making use of it as soon as I have my funds put aside.

Something I haven’t quite been able to figure out, however, is how much it’ll cost to sift through the legal junk like copyrights and trademarks, as well as what needs to be copyrighted and what needs to be trademarked. Even as a law student, I honestly got completely lost when reading up on it.

On top of that, I still have no idea what sort of ballpark amount of money I need to save for 3D art. Honestly, I’m worried that it’ll run me a lot of money, even if I were to opt for really old-school 3D. And I can’t get away with old-school 3D as easily as many other games do, since I’m developing for PC and Mac, not iOS or Android… I’ll do it if I need to, though (and I probably will).

And, of course, there’s that I still currently lack someone to draw the backgrounds for my game’s 2D cutscenes.

At the very least, I hope my summer job will be able to cover legal fees and maybe someone to do backgrounds, but the 3D art is a bigger issue. However, there’s still hope that I won’t have to postpone the game’s release by over a year to gather funds. The cutscene engine I’m making for Unity reads a text file and basically makes cutscenes like you’d expect from Disgaea or Fire Emblem from it. People who use it don’t even have to bother with coding that part at all, unless they want to alter something.

Unity has their Asset Store, where I can put this up for sale. Once I finish it, come up with a good name for it, and determine a good price range, it’s getting submitted to the Asset Store immediately. Who knows, the sales from it may allow my to be able to afford 3D art for my game sooner than I’d expect. Turtles all the Way: A Shell Game would certainly be the type of game where the production values are telegraphed to the player loud and clear, so I can only hope I don’t end up being forced to skimp on it.