Gameplay all the Way

(NOTE: This character is from the video I linked, not Turtles all the Way.)

I’ve finally managed to get my Visual Novel Script up on Unity Asset Store. It can be found here, with a video tutorial here. For $10, you save yourself the trouble of coding 2D cutscenes by simply following those instructions and typing out prompts.

But enough of that shameless plug. My putting that up means that I’m mostly done coding the story part of Turtles all the Way: A Shell Game (I’ll actually put the individual scenes together some other time, and any cutscenes that opt to be 3D instead will need to be coded differently…).

Now I can work on gameplay, and I’m trying to lay out every single one of my mechanic ideas to make sure I have both balance and fun while not being annoying.

For instance, I have an idea that involves calculating the time between switches between the two characters you control. For a close comparison, think Sonic Heroes, but with two characters per level and the game actually encouraging switching without forcing it.

Only gameplay video I could find without sound lag.

I’d basically reward the players for balancing their use of the two characters in the pair with extra power to their attacks, or bonus points at the end of the level to spend on stuff. Can’t get into the specifics of the system I have in mind for privacy reasons, but people in my inner circle have noted that the specifics are weird/interesting, with some noting that it could be annoying, so I need to find a way to make it work without being intrusive.

Just an idea I’m working on before I start my coding for the gameplay. I intend to have everything laid out before I start that part, in order to fully integrate everything and not make it seem tacked on.

In other news… it seems people have been searching the full title of the game on Google. Did someone advertise it for me or something? Cool. Would be nice if I knew who did that/where this happened so I can thank them.