On Neptunia V, Negima, Sony’s Smash Bros, Turtles all the Way and Twilight Princess

Well, first off, sorry for not updating in a while. I’ve been hard at work and now exams are over, so I can focus on Turtles all the Way.

In any case, I’m behind on mentioning several things here. First off, some magazine scans popped up a while back for God Dimension Game Neptune VICTORY:

So we have a new goddess, who seems to be a replacement for Neptune as the leader of Planeptune, named Pururut. I find it weird how she carries a Neptune plushie, but on top of that, she’s apparently lazy but becomes an obvious dominatrix when she becomes Iris Heart. What. Oh well, whatever, it’s a new playable character in any event. She seems to be based on the Sega Mega Drive.

Why is Vert’s new, or should I say “old”, Green Heart form so… revealing?

And Black Heart, Green Heart and White Heart have gotten redesigns to base them off of the PS1, the original Xbox, and the SNES (or Super Famicom as the Japanese would call it). But the PS1 and the Xbox didn’t exist back then… Weird.

In any event, the final Negima volume cover has also been revealed:

Seems Negi and Asuna are waving goodbye to everyone. I find it amusing how the entire cast, sans a few characters like Arika, the Black Lillies and Kagehisa, are all on the cover – even chibi Setsuna and the Slime Sisters!

Just seeing this made me tear up a little inside. Even at its worst, I enjoyed this series and was sad to see it go. That said, I wish I had a super-huge version on this image – this is the only time most of these characters have been in colour, since the first anime made up an ending too early and thus missed the meat of the story, the second season was completely made up and only showed a relatively small portion of the cast, the OADs barely did anything to add to it aside from actually animating some of the Mundus Magicus arc and showing the end of the Mahora Festival arc, and the movie cut corners and only showed stills for most of the Mundus Magicus arc’s ending that it showed before going to original material. I wish it had gotten a full anime, but I digress.

In fact, aside from the first chapter’s colour pages, the last chapter’s ONE colour page, the animated adaptations I mentioned, volume covers, and some side-material, this is the only piece of colour artwork the series has gotten despite the really high quality drawings Akamatsu has given us:

Quite sad, although I knew Akamatsu couldn’t really keep up with the schedule of a weekly series. Still sad to say goodbye to it like this.

I also saw the news about Sony All-Stars Battle Royale, but I have nothing to say aside from how I’m not touching it unless they add Crash or someone from either Disgaea or Neptunia. Nice of them to add Parappa, though. It just looks too much like a clone of Super Smash Bros., to be quite honest, and I’m not interested in anyone but Parappa that they’ve shown.

In unrelated news, I’ll be (finally) playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess past the tutorial areas. I’ll be playing along with an old Let’s Play by NintendoCapriSun on YouTube, which uses the GameCube version, even though I have the Wii version. I have never finished a Zelda game before, but I’ll be clearing this one for the sake of seeing all there is to see in a game that is critically acclaimed. It would help in determining how much depth Turtles all the Way will need. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “On Neptunia V, Negima, Sony’s Smash Bros, Turtles all the Way and Twilight Princess

  1. …That is a lot of flippin’ Negima characters. The cover alone must have taken decades to make!

    But anyway, about the “Sony Smash Bros.” As someone who’s been playing the Smash games since they first came out, I can’t say I’m too impressed by Sony’s take. I’m sure it’ll be good, but…well, there’s a stigma that it has yet to shake.

    What worries me most about that game — as noted by other sites like GamesRadar — is that you can only kill with Super moves. That just seems like a bad idea to me; it would be like if you could only win in Street Fighter 4 by using an Ultra. It’s removing the threat, purpose, and applicability of a lot of moves. Smash, simple as it may be, had that concept at least. There’s also a matter of balance; supposedly, Parappa can use one Super to boost his meter, then unleash his (apparently, near-broken) Level 3 Super to clinch a match.

    But I suppose I could be proven wrong. It’s happened before, and I’ve had to eat several feet when I realize a game is better than I expected. Still…naming some dude from Killzone as one of the first six characters? Sony, I am disappoint.

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