End of the First Month

Seems I was unable to keep up the hit count:

Oh wow. :/

A trend I’ve noticed is that talking about Turtles all the Way gets me a hit spike, but I get a sustained stream of hits from my other posts through search engines. For example, my post about Oreimo season 2’s announcement that kicked off the blog still gets hits from people Googling season 2. Likewise, my single post about Negima’s ending gets hits from Google, but the cake is ultimately taken by my hits from God Dimension Game Neptune VICTORY. I get all sorts of hits with a bunch of different search terms for that.

In any event, I can only hope that number pulls up. Turtles all the Way is in a position to release in time for the armageddon or April 1, 2013, so I hope I can his one of those dates. It ultimately depends on money and other people for now – I can’t do anything at the moment.

I hope I can put out some interesting blog posts in the future. :p


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