Hitler all the Way

Die again!

As many of you probably know, I made Visual Novel Script and put it on the Unity Asset Store in hopes of somehow ending up covering the production costs for Turtles all the Way, specifically for the 3D models. How did that turn out? Well…

So, as I said in the video, I’ve had to resort to a donate button. Here it is:

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And, as I also said in the video, I don’t expect a single cent to come from this button. At least not yet. The sad thing about receiving donations is that you generally need to have something significant to show before getting any, and (in the case of games), chances are that this means you have everything covered already. Otherwise, people go to Kickstarter, but only Americans can actually put their projects on Kickstarter. Meh, I’ll just earn the money I need from two years of summer work if I need to, as I said in the video.

I’ll leave you with  the opening to High School D×D, titled “Trip -innocent of D-“. Why? Because I was listening to it while typing this post up.