Talking all the Way

No relevant images available, so here’s that same fish pic from before for old times’ sake.

People tell me that my talking, both in real life and on the internet, is both long-winded and excessively formal. More specifically, TV Tropes would call me Sophisticated as Hell.

For instance, I make use of the phrase “in any event” far, far too often. I’ve been called out for that many times, with some people sarcastically asking me “what if there’s no event?”

Also, annoyingly enough, my tendency to have long-winded sentences and explanations means that I have a tendency to infodump unless I catch myself.

Another quirk that doesn’t quite translate to my writing is that my tone of voice (according to my father) gives off an overconfident and better-than-you vibe.

This sometimes causes problems in my writing. I have a hard time writing more casual tones of voice because I tend to just default back to my formal tone when writing dialogue. Thank God I can probably just ask prospective voice actors to patch up the issue for me by telling them what sort of character my… uh… characters should have, but I wonder what would have happened had I focused on a medium without voice actors.

Particularly terrible is the dialogue for female characters in Turtles all the Way. In case you couldn’t tell so far, I’m a dude. The female dialogue is so unrealistic that it hurts. Well, more like the romance-related lines and the hyper girl… which is odd, since I was usually a hyper weirdo since I was put into the enhanced program until I finished high school. I mean, of course I’m going over all of it as much as possible to make it sound better, but it still doesn’t sound quite right, and I’m not friends with any girls, so I can’t get that checked out… Well, I know one, but she had to leave the project some time ago due to a tight schedule year-round, so she couldn’t even help in the summer. In fact, she left saying it was for the good of the project, since she wanted to help but didn’t want to slow us down. If only everyone could be that considerate.

In any case, yeah. I have a really hard time breaking from my speaking patterns. It tends to translate into unrealistic dialogue, and that’s terrible. Sadly, the only way out that I know of is repeated reviewing, but as I said, that solution is far from perfect.

I hope this doesn’t end up negatively affecting the story. I’m intending to do all in my power to get this cleaned.