Why I Don’t Think We’re Having Anti-Used Features in 8th Generation Consoles

For the longest time, there have been rumours of the PS4 and 720 having anti-piracy systems in them. Now, this may or may not be true, but I’d err on the side of “no”, as anyone who takes the time to think would.

Consider what would happen. The consumers who primarily buy used games would likely stop buying games altogether or as often, or just go to the Wii U if Nintendo can pull a good library out right away and block the shovelware.

What, you forgot this system exists and will be in HD? Always bet on Mario. Always.

To be perfectly honest, depending on the Wii U’s specs (which Nintendo is keeping quiet about), it may be entirely possible to reach a level of quality that at least nears the level of the PS3 and 360 successors. You have to consider that the Wii U has to be able to run games on both the tablet and the TV screen, with graphics nearing the level of the PS3 and 360. Now, what would happen if a developer had the tablet stream content to the main system instead of displaying anything, and then watch as Nintendo releases an even better Classic Controller. What would happen? I’m not well-versed in matters of processing power and specs in general, but chances are you’d have something great.

Though I expected this with a conveyor belt from Nintendo. Oh well, maybe next generation.

That said, I prefer gameplay over specs. What’s wrong with keeping with this generation’s graphical capability and actually making use of Nintendo’s gimmick?

Not to mention that Nintendo’s focus is, first and foremost, creating quality games. They likely wouldn’t take part in anti-used schemes. If the Wii U ends up being a threat to the PS4 and the 720, they’d be killing themselves by blocking used games without overcompensating in another area for it. And even if it’s not, you have a game of chicken here. If either Sony or Microsoft decides against it, whichever side that actually implements such a system loses immediately. And because of that, I doubt either of them will do it. Microsoft, if either of them.

Now with the ability to create perfectly cooked toast 100% of the time while playing games in 10000000000000p!

Though, really, I expect for neither to actually go for it. They make money from software sales, and nobody’s going to buy software that’s overpriced, especially if they’re tied to one system. I know I’d end up having to get two of the system because I might be moving out soon and my brothers and I share games, so it would cause extra, unnecessary trouble. As such, whoever does this loses my money, and I buy a lot of games. Not that just my wallet will have any significant effect, but yeah.

Besides, if you have a good install base, why do you need any further appeal to publishers? And that’s all this would appeal to. Publishers. Sony has more than enough tech from their other divisions to make an incredibly advanced and affordable PS4 that would leave Microsoft in their tracks, so they don’t need to do this.

Why do people just jump at unsubstantiated rumours like this? They fall apart if you just think hard enough.