Really, America? More “Piracy is Wrong” Screens? Seriously?

So, as most of you are likely unaware,  the US government is being completely stupid and adding yet another warning to DVDs and Blu-Rays. Remember that one, annoying screen that does nothing but bother you? There are now two. They will be unskippable, simultaneous, and only affect paying customers. 20 extra seconds of boring waiting.

Am I supposed to feel threatened by the eagle?

Is the US government full of idiots? Wait, don’t answer that. It’s a group with “US” and “government” in the same name, it stands to reason that it would be twice as stupid and twice as over-reaching as most other administrative groups, which are generally stupid enough already.

Have they ever considered that this is one of the many factors for piracy? To be perfectly honest, I opt to watch DVDs on my PS2 because I can skip anything on it, including that. Cheating? Yes. Not HD? Who cares? Convenient? Yup. If someone releases a region-free player that can skip anything, I’d be all for it. Ignoring advertisements and those screens is quite the motivator. In fact, I avoid repeating the ads on a blu-ray on my PS3 by pressing the continue button, taking me right to the main menu. Sadly, however, these new screens will appear after the play button, so even that won’t work.

I’ll still support the industry, but this gives me one more reason to pirate a copy just for the sake of avoiding ads and warning screens on top of my physical copy. Even if I pirate something, I buy it because I want to support the industry and because I like having a tangible collection. The more they pull stunts like this, the more I wonder if I really want to support the industry. If they push me to the point where the answer to that question is no, the only reason I’ll have to buy DVDs and Blu-Ray products is OCD. And even then, only for the anime industry.

This is another thing to add to the list of American things I wish I didn’t have to deal with as a Canadian. That would be called the “list of stupid American things”, but time just keeps on pushing me toward thinking that would be redundant. No offence to Americans, of course, but you’re not generally doing a good job of proving me wrong.


2 thoughts on “Really, America? More “Piracy is Wrong” Screens? Seriously?

  1. You do have a point. Those kinds of screens are a time-waster, and pretty much useless once seen for the umpteenth time.

    It’s a waste of money, in my opinion. Good thing I don’t really watch DVDs.

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