Under Your Radar: No Time To Explain

I am you from the future. There’s no time to explain! Follow me to- OH CHRIST!


Welcome to my 3rd Under Your Radar feature. 3 in quick succession is a lot, yes, but I did say that I had quite the list of titles I wanted to bring up. This time, we’ll be covering the indie game known as No Time To Explain, by tinyBuild Games.

No Time To Explain is about a guy who… You know what? This trailer from when it was released last year should get the little explanation you actually receive out of the way:

Confused? Good. Now knowing what the heck just happened is one of the main draws of the game. Another is the gameplay, and a third is the guy who screams through the first half or so of the first game. Honestly, hearing him scream about his pain, apologizing to Hasbro for pirating Rollercoaster Tycoon, and wondering why he’s bleeding so much  is reason enough to pick it up in my book.

Quite the witty throwback, I’ll admit.

In the game, you basically have to figure everything out on your own. How the stuff scattered about will help you clear a level, how you make big jumps (this is what had me initially stuck), and the like are not explained at all (except for controls at the start of the first game and towards the end of the second).

But a strike against it is how buggy it can be at times. some walls remain, just invisible, when you get rid of them sometimes (but not always), you occasionally respawn in a wall in levels involving rotating the screen, etc. And, in fact, sometimes what you’re supposed to do is both difficult and opaque at the same time, which is not a good thing to happen even once. And, in order to get around not explaining, they have quick 5-second levels at the start of most parts that introduce a new mechanic. Kinda cheating, and they could have implemented that explanation into a larger level instead of being lazy.

So it’s most certainly not a game with polish. What it is, however, is something interesting, hard and funny. Before the second game came out, however, the $10 price tag was a rip off. Now that you get the second one free of charge if you have the first, I’d say it’s worth it.

As for how I stumbled across this, I was looking into how developers have handled piracy in the past. What did they do in this case? This says it all:

Yes, they went and uploaded the torrent themselves, but with your hat stuck as a pirate hat. Same game, but with that one change. It was good humour on their part, I’ll admit. It reminds me of how the developers of Dark Souls handled people who played leaked copies early – send in a max level enemy to kick their arse.

I’ll be patient from now on, I swear!

3 thoughts on “Under Your Radar: No Time To Explain

  1. I saw one of my siblings playing this game a while ago, but on Arcade Hacks or whatever it’s called. And it looked like the players were dinosaurs, if I recall correctly.

    • Chances are that was the original flash version that inspired the paid version.It’s hard to tell, since the game makes no sense due to not wanting to explain anything.

  2. Man. I need to start getting into indie games. The most I’ve played is Katawa Shoujo and Toribash; considering how much fun and satisfying those were (and free!), I assume there’s stuff that’s just as good out there.

    Whatever the case, No Time To Explain makes a strong argument. Everything’s better with a Giant Enemy Crab! Well, sometimes.

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