Why I Say We Need Another Pokémon Battle Revolution

I think we’ve all heard of Pokémon Battle Revolution by now. It’s a Pokémon game that has no merits at all, aside from being a 3D Pokémon battle system and giving you extras of certain one-time items and TMs if you save up enough to buy them. Its random online matchup service was nice, as well, and was probably its main draw, despite being limited to 3-on-3 singles and 4-on-4 doubles.

Now, the game received a lot of ire when it came out, but I think we need another game like it for Wii U. You may point out that they already have a random matchup service in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, but hear me out, please.

In Black and White, the multiplayer server, as anyone who’s tried to use it would know, is plagued by frequent disconnectors. Shocking, I know. Battle Revolution, however, had very few. Why do you think this is? Well, Battle Revolution doesn’t track your wins and losses (or, if it does, it doesn’t show you), but Black and White do, although nobody gets to see it but you. The disconnections on the Global Battle Union in Black and White, however, has so many disconnectors that you’d be hard-pressed to get an opponent who doesn’t.

Why is this relevant? Well, the Global Battle Union lost all credibility with all the hackers and disconnectors that frequented it. Battle Revolution, at least, had a basic hack checker and didn’t make it so annoying to move on after your opponent disconnects. Also, while Battle Revolution kept no win/loss record, it could still add that into the next instalment, then do something “unthinkable”. What could that be? Well, simple. Make disconnecting pointless.

It couldn’t take it! IT’S DOWN!!

Nintendo is implementing the Nintendo Network into the 3DS and Wii U, which should give people usernames spread across multiple games, correct? Who not have the threat of a ban looming over for frequent disconnectors? I doubt Nintendo would hold back, since Pokémon is their second-highest seller, ever. Furthermore, if Game Freak makes it so their system awarded the person who didn’t disconnect with a win, then tells their system to award that disconnector with their loss in a belated manner when they reconnect, then the person who disconnected just wasted their time.

What else about a potential second Battle Revolution, or a spiritual successor, could make it worthwhile? Well, as much as we may not like the thought, the Pokémon Dream World in Black and White will likely only be around until the next generation comes along, after which the Hidden Abilities will likely be unavailable for good. Why not bring back minigames like in the Pokémon Stadium games, eliminating the main complaint, I might add, by adding an offline version of the Dream World, but better, to it? Furthermore, they could even update it with patches, which Nintendo is now supporting, it seems, on their systems.

How DARE you ruin the happening look of Zook?

Does all that look promising to you? ‘Cause I know I’d nab it in a heartbeat if something like that was put on the market. Even better if they add a story onto it like in Pokémon Colloseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness and enable random matchup 6-on-6. I mean, still not exactly much for the randoms, but it would certainly cater to die-hard fans. As well as competitive, if they implement the communities feature and let communities ban certain Pokémon and enter their own rules in. Really, they could easily cater to everyone with it.


One thought on “Why I Say We Need Another Pokémon Battle Revolution

  1. Another Pokemon game…the last time I got my hands on one, I almost played my way to oblivion. It’s super-addictive!

    Anyway, I don’t play too much online (and know even less about its particulars), so I’ll safely assume that what you’ve proposed might be a good fix. Whatever the case, if Nintendo DOES make a new PBR, it could be a major benefit. Not just because it’s a Pokemon game; if they’re really committed to improving their standing in the modern gaming world, then a game with some serious online chops might be the perfect way to do it.

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