Under Your Radar: The Smallest Hero!? Ratman

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In a world where there are so many superheroes flooding Japan that they need corporate endorsements, comes a “hero” from an evil organization. I introduce you all to Ratman, a manga by Sekihiko Inui, whose biggest previous work seems to be Murder Princess (don’t worry – I’ve never heard of it either).

Nice and simple premise here – and I’ve already pretty much covered it all. The main character, Shooto Katsuragi (no relation to the Capturing God with the same surname), is a short high school kid who’s ridiculed for being a hero fanatic ever since he was saved by Shiningman when he was little. On his way home one day, he gets tricked into joining an evil organization and becoming a so-called superhero for them, albeit an unsanctioned one who looks like and is treated like a supervillain. Yes, the story is about a supervillain who didn’t want to be one.

He doesn’t take this too well until he realizes that regular heroes aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. A lot of them are just in it for the fame, even a lot of the bigger ones. In fact, he has to break up a few of the fights himself when their internal arguments set a building on fire, making him more heroic than the heroes.

Now, after adding the romantic subplot, normally we’d be able to wrap this up and call it a day, but it appears that Shiningman gave Shooto something when he saved him way back when, and people are after it.

This, it seems, is what will be driving the plot on top of the antics by the admittedly funny supporting cast of heroes, such as the aptly named Fatman and the comically silent Jackies who openly made a blog about their own supervilliany (that people think is just a joke) which is mirrored in real life. XD

Be sure to check it out. :p


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    • Tokyopop licensed this, but they closed shop before they could get very far, so you won’t find a legal release past volume 5.

      Not to mention how much it would cost, since they’re out of print.

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