Titles all the Way

So, No Limit got back to me yesterday. He had three main problems:

  • The characters all sounded bland and the same as each other because of the vocabulary issue I brought up ages ago.
  • I went through things at a breakneck pace, scenes were too short to give an adequate explanation of why each character is doing what or why he should care.
  • He feels my “Fourth wall? What is that?” brand of humour insults his intelligence.

That last one, as I told him through Twitter, pulls considerably little weight due to its subjectivity and how he was the first person to ever complain about it as a whole instead of one or two jokes max that the other people complained about, if any.

I’ve already covered my plan for the first thing in the post I linked.

The second issue can just be solved with longer cutscenes that cover that stuff.

All in all, not a single complaint on his end merited the total rewrite I’m doing. In fact, the total rewrite is removing one of the few things he said he liked almost immediately (maybe I’ll use that if I ever do a sequel, but it’s too early to think of that).

So why am I still doing it? Simple, I have other reasons to do so, which I briefly touched upon in the first Rewriting all the Way post. Talking to my level designer has told me that I have too many levels with only one character, so the Sync Points System is not shown enough until too far into the story. Furthermore, a lot of the solo levels are Magnet alone. That just won’t fly.

At the very least, I can use the second piece of criticism (and TRY to use the first, read the first post I linked). I’ll slow down the pace a bit and make the new stories more developed.

An issue that’s been brought up by my rewriting the story, however, is whether or not the title needs to be changed. I don’t believe I’ve explained Turtles all the Way: A Shell Game here, so I’ll explain:

Admit it, this is what you thought before clicking that link or reading farther.

The title is a whole lot more meaningful than it would seem at first glance. First off, the main title, “Turtles all the Way” is part of the famous quote “It’s turtles all the way down!”, which was drafted as a joke about infinite regress. Yes, this does mean that the story of what I hope becomes a game series is about someone’s attempts at fixing a problem involving infinite regress.

The subtitle, “A Shell Game”, is a reference to the shell game itself, which is seen as a form of gambling, but is really a fraudulent trick. This refers to the method the game’s main villain is using to attempt to break the infinite regress implied by the main title.

Alternatively, people could just be tricked into thinking the title’s about turtles being awesome rather than looking into the meaning behind it. To be perfectly honest, that just makes the title all the more meaningful to those who get it. It’s not like the game isn’t about an awesome turtle, either.

At the end of the day, I decided to leave the title be. I’m keeping the infinite regress plot in, so it won’t be much of an issue.