Rage Against the Kickstarter

I believe I briefly went over the topic in my previous post, but Kickstarter only allows American companies to put projects up for funding, leaving non-American groups to either use IndieGoGo (the best alternative available) or they’re simply SOL.

In fact, I went on IndieGoGo and checked what their top-funded game projects are, by narrowing it down to successfully funded projects that asked for $10000 USD or more. There were only three projects that did so. That said, unlike Kickstarter, there are two options for funding at IndieGoGo – one where, like Kickstarter, you get nothing unless you hit your goal, and an option where you get the money that was pledged regardless, but they take a larger cut if you don’t successfully hit your target.

So I checked stuff that’s either failed or ongoing. On top of noticing that nearly every failed project received less than $2000, I saw one project with five days left that already has more than $17000, as well as a failure that got $13000.

Looking at successes with any funding type, I saw 43 funded game projects that hit their goal. 11 of the 43 got more than $10000. That’s out of 96 completed game projects. In other words, about 44.8% of projects were funded, 11.45% of which got over $10000, only three of which broke $20000, only two of which having a stated goal of over $10000. One of those two got nearly $90000.

Why am I looking specifically at things with over $10000? Because my last post hows that my project will require at least $40000 to get going. There are already 76 funded games on Kickstarter that got more than $40000, which blows IndieGoGo out of the water already, if you didn’t notice. While there are plenty of projects that fared better than their gaming section, that holds no relation to the gaming section, which is the issue here.

Exodus Wars is apparently supposed to be a game meant to be all about the hobby of miniatures wargaming. Certainly quite interesting.

There are ways to get onto Kickstarter without being American, but those methods, depending on how you go about it, can get you slammed for money laundering. I actually wish the boom happened in IndieGoGo, since Kickstarter is being way too limiting. Mark Sheppard of Membraine Studios is actually attempting to make IndieGoGo work with their latest title, Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire. What’s more, their goal is actually quite similar to the one I’ll be aiming for, and they’ve managed over $4000 with 29 days left. I hope they succeed. In fact, IndieGoGo’s game section in general could use more traffic. It’s the solution for non-Americans, and it needs a boost.