Imageless all the Way

You’re gonna be seeing a lot of this irrelevant fish drawing from now on. Sorry.

On another reading of my latest post, I have realized that there are valid reasons to possibly object to my lack of screenshots.

But there’s not much I can actually do about it at this stage. Nor can I cough up a demo. Paraphrasing a statement i’ve seen many, many times all over the place by various programmers who haven’t gotten artists to work on their titles yet:

Goddamn it! Why won’t people settle for my various, vague, oblong shapes moving around?

And that’s exactly the problem I have right now. While I’ve made decent progression at coding, you have to remember that there is only one artist in TPYNHO – a 2D artist. Therefore, the entirety of the visuals at present moment are grey cubes on a blue background, with all other 2D assets being stuff I made in 5 minutes in Paint.NET to act as placeholders. Simply, if you’re not me, you wouldn’t know what’s what in the current build of the game.

This will not be the case later on, but it will be the case until it isn’t, so please forgive me for not including any actual images or demos – it’s for the good of your own perceptions that I am holding those back until the visuals make some degree of sense to not-me.

Thank you.