Lawsuit Updates: 360 S Case, Touhou Trademarks

Just a quick post to bring people up to speed on two legal situations in the game industry.

First off, the case regarding the Xbox 360 S that I previously reported on has received a ruling from the commission. They’ve sent it back to the judge, asking him to strike the patents down. This means that Microsoft may be safe, but it also makes me worry that the legal system in the US may be bending to the will of corporations too much.

In addition, there’s a bad trademark situation regarding Touhou. Basically, someone seems to have trademarked “Touhou Project” and “Shangai Alice Gengakudan”. The creator, ZUN, isn’t worried, however. See this ANN article for further details.

In unrelated news, I will be cutting down on a lot of tags soon, and add more “More” tags. Further, I will be posting a tl;dr version of my wall of text from yesterday after repeated complaints.