TL;DR all the Way

This fish has nothing to do with anything.

This post is meant to be a quick summary of the wall of text posted yesterday to describe Turtles all the Way: A Shell Game, which lacked images for a reason I would later go on to explain.

The game is an indie game I have been working on in my spare time for the past 3 years. Very recently, people have been helping me under the group name TPYNHO (Those People You’ve Never Heard Of). It’s a 3D platformer-meets-beat ’em up with third-person shooter elements.

During gameplay, you generally have control of a male and female of a certain species, five pairs in all, who all have different skills. That said, they all generally have offensive and defensive skills and some manner of levitation.

The game requires some degree of skill, since you have to rhythmically time your switches between controlling one character and another. You receive bonuses and penalties based on that, including the speed at which your stamina refills, which you also have to pay attention to, since the CPU controlling the character you aren’t is making use of the stamina you left them with when you switched. You simply cannot win without timing your switches well.

As for story, you’ll have to look at the longer post for details – it’s way too much to succinctly summarize. Basically, it is both comedic and well-researched. That said, cutscenes will be short and most of the dialogue will be during the levels themselves – you can turn these off in the options menu at your leisure.

For further details, see the long post.