Protagonist Design all the Way

Before I start, I should probably address why I didn’t have an Under Your Radar entry on Saturday. If you follow my Twitter feed, I had announced on Friday that I’m delaying last week’s instalment and am instead having two this week, so I can finish rewriting the story for Turtles all the Way. Now that a bunch of other stuff has happened, I might not even have two this week, and simply have (what would have been) last week’s feature moved to this week and bump everything else down by a week. There are several more interesting subjects to talk about that I find more pressing.

On a slightly more related note, I will be using the #TATWay hashtag on Twitter from this point forward to refer to Turtles all the Way: A Shell Game. The reasoning being that #TurtlesAllTheWay gets tweets on the famous quote and #TATW is already extremely active and full of completely different stuff.

I made this in Paint.NET when I was starting out.

I figured that now that I’m mostly done rewriting, I may as well speak on how Magnet’s character design has evolved over the process of development so far. Initially I didn’t have an artist, and was still working on concept. At this point, the first version of the story had not yet been written, and Magnet didn’t have his wings. The game was actually going to be 2D on that point, but we’d later (much later) moved to 3D for design purposes.

This is my terrible drawing from when friends insisted I draw Magnet.

When I had finally started on the story, Magnet obtained bladed wings, and his powers over magnetism were finalized as part of his design. That said, the wings weren’t going to be initially available, and would be obtained later in. Currently, however, he starts with the wings. Incidentally, even this early, Magnet used implosions instead of the usual magnetism fare, though he DOES use his powers to levitate, as well.

I also gave him a guitar and mind-reading powers a bit later, when the original story was expanded due to being too short for more than a demo. At this point, a close friend of mine started doing concept art for me (and subsequently quit out of laziness, so I can’t show anything he drew without his permission, but stuff he drew included ideas for redoing Magnet’s design as anthropomorphic and wanted to give him a jetpack instead of wings). I had also added rejected Magnet character designs into the story, who were jealous of the real Magnet for being picked. They, like many other unimportant things, were later cut during the current total rewrite that my reviewer friend caused with his scathing opinion on the story.

He then immediately noticed that something was wrong when I said it felt “off”, and he went back to work on it.

At present, the artist for the game is someone I met on Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker. Yes, you read that correctly. While he initially moved slowly due to “le trillions of exams” (and he really did have a lot of exams, no joke), he managed to get two iterations of Magnet done, which include the one to your right.

At present, Magnet’s design is mostly done. His wheels may be removed because a turtle moving at quick speeds with no real explanation beyond the setting, which is used to explain everything else, seems inherently funny for some reason. Speaking of things that are inherently funny, I couldn’t help but laugh upon seeing the current design, which (as the artist said) is likely the final design:

I actually have this image as 2354×1754. I had to shrink it down to be reasonable with the blog’s limited storage space for images.

With both of the musicians on the project having seemingly vanished from existence, it’s nice to see that the visuals are moving, at least.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to finish rewriting this story so I can send it to that reviewer friend to look at while I go back to coding the game.