Turbulent Times Ahead

Oh geez, not gonna have too much free time  pretty soon. Between moving, my mother looking for a divorce from my father (was a matter of time, TBQH), and my summer being almost 3/4 over with preparations for the next year of study already well under way, I won’t be in much of a position to waste time.

I’ve made attempts to mitigate the effect of my next year on my free time, and theoretically succeeded by setting 3-day weeks for both semesters, but it should be noted that those 3 days will be mostly dead for all other purposes, since I’ll have to deal with long train/bus rides both ways. In fact, one night in the first semester per week will end at 9:30, too late for me to get home before midnight (thanks to my taking Law and Technology in its only available timeslot – it’s the perfect course in terms of my interests), so I’ll be staying Tuesday nights in a motel in order to easily make class the next morning without sacrificing sleep. It’s still only Tuesday though Thurdsay for first semester and Monday through Wednesday for second semester.

But I need to pull my GPA up, so I’ll likely spend at least one full day a week on nothing but studying. You see, my first year gave me decent scores easily, but I kinda tanked half my courses the next year. Now that I’m entering third year, I need to get that average higher up. It’s a 4-year program, so there’s still time to get it back up to the high 3s if I focus. 3.0 is the minimum cutoff for law school, so I have to get much higher than that.

That would leave me with less free time, which I can spend on game development, but am more likely to burn on anime, manga and games. Just how badly I’ll slow down remains to be seen, but it’s certainly not a good thing. I honestly want to get the game over and done with, but there’s a rather large amount of stuff that still needs to be done on many angles. Maybe I’d be more motivated if I already had the models and animations handy? Perhaps.

In any case, I’ve mainly been cleaning up the code I currently have done. It’s rather surprising just how much I was able to shorten one particular set of code – I more than halved its size. When working with a game, which will have thousands upon thousands of lines of code, optimizing the code would not only decrease the file size but will help the game run just a little faster. Both of these are important things, especially when you’re dealing with digital distribution platforms and are likely to implement multiplayer functions.


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