Expected Results all the Way

As always, this fish has nothing to do with anything.

The testing of the pre-pre-alpha is done. Overall, people were about as helpful as I’d expected, so I’ll avoid posting more pre-beta builds in the future unless I have a good reason.

Particularly notable is that people didn’t notice a certain glitch with the time display that’s quite important, given the nature of time’s effects on gameplay. The first digit in the milliseconds was always displaying as a 0. I’ve fixed that.

Now, the nature of most of the problems people seem to have are simple. Y’know, aside from having no idea what they’re supposed to be doing, on some occasions due to not reading the post at all and just going for the download link, on other occasions due to being unfamiliar with the blog and thereby not knowing how the Sync System works (and by extension the numbers they’re working with).

The few people who did manage to figure it out gave me some helpful data, and more useless data. Overall, however, I have ascertained that the bonuses and penalties imposed upon those who fall inside/outside the Sync range is simply too small. I’ve set it up now so that you’d be blind not to notice unless you hit too close to the edge of the line between penalties and bonuses, in which case you barely notice a penalty or bonus.

As a side-effect, hitting within 0.125 seconds of the Perfect Point willnow max out your Sync total, even if you hit the lowest negative possible. This makes it possible to make a comeback from hitting the Penalty Point. In addition, switching within less than a second will cost you most of your SP in one go. It is now far, far more possible to actually make use of the full bar instead of the lower 60% of it, as things were in the old setup.

Another recurring problem is that the Grace Period was far too lenient. Any time between 20 and 80 seconds was a bonus. I have narrowed this significantly. This, in addition to my other change, will make things far more noticeable.

Now that I’ve finished that, I move on to other things.