You See, A Lot of Things Happened…

A lot of stuff has happened. I simply don’t post about it as often.

I’ve been making loads upon loads of progress on many fronts, including whittling down my enormous backlog list of anime and manga, and working on my novel, as well as Turtles all the Way and playing a few games I’d not yet gotten to finishing.

But, before I get into that, I may as well acknowledge that I’ve seen both the updates on the Ouya and the announcement of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The thing is that the Ouya has slowly become less and less attractive over time – I’d rather take my chances with Nintendo or Sony if they’re going to be that open (will still most likely port to it, if it doesn’t cost me too much and there’s a market). As for the Rift, in my honest opinion, it needs accurate motion control to go with it, or that immersion it gives you will come at the cost of not being able to control most things all that well, or will need the immersion-breaking use of a controller. I know controllers can sometimes not be immersion breaking, as can any control method, but virtual reality outright demands a better immersion standard due to the point of virtual reality being that you are the character.

Still, with both of these coming out at the same time, I am now eliminating the Ouya section. It and the Rift will be placed under “Other Systems” until they prove their worth.

Now that I have that out of the way, I’ve been working on both Turtles all the Way and my novel, as I said. I was thinking of how I could even possibly discuss the content of my novel while I was doing so, but since it’s all text, any of my better ideas could be easily plagiarized long before I finished. Not to mention that, of course, all of my attempts at recieving constructive criticism end with people completely missing the point of the entire thing, due to my tendency to select strange premises, so I’ve given up on getting help from anyone with the exception of a professional editor when I’m done writing.

My progress on Turtles all the Way is a different matter. I’ve been coding a lot of things in it, and now Magnet’s wings are working properly, and Ruyo’s Ground in the Air Jutsu seems to almost be working correctly. For reasons completely unknown to me, Ruyo loses altitude as he walks, though that could be potentially justified by claiming that he cannot force the invisible platform he creates to maintain its altitude, thereby meaning his weight would push it down. At the same time, however, using such an explanation would also mean that he can’t make a platform, jump, create another platform, etc. That said, such an ability is not strictly necessary and may even be excessively broken – just plain regular flight is being a pain to balance already.

I’ve also been thinking about several things, such as how I’m going to handle gamepad support (every single one I support is another bunch of work), as well as just what quality of graphics I’m going to be aiming for with the game, and the pure hilarity that is my planned advertising campaign. I’d best keep my mouth shut about the last one, though – it doesn’t work if you know what it is before I do it.

Yes, the one who speed-painted this.

Still, while I’ve been moving forward at a decent pace myself, the artist has not checked in for three weeks. Generally, I ask that they at least tell me what’s going on every two weeks, but three weeks without a word is worrisome (four weeks is generally a sign of a big problem). I’ve sent two reminder e-mails now, and I certainly hope he checks in soon.

If he leaves, then really, what team do I have left? Me, a musician on indefinite hiatus, and a level designer – not a good sign. At this point, I’m really wishing that I had more dedicated team members.

I’m still preparing for the new semester, for my parents’ divorce, and to move to a new house, so I can’t spend 24/7 working on the game right now.


One thought on “You See, A Lot of Things Happened…

  1. Oh man, you really have been busy. Makes me worried that my own pace has started to sag…

    Well, that aside, I’m happy to hear you’re making some progress. Hope things go well on your end…just make sure you get enough sleep.

    Also, I need to check out this “Oculus Rift” you mentioned. That’s actually the first I’ve heard of it.

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