Collapse all the Way

I believe I’ve mentioned this on Twitter, but I think there’s merit in repeating it here.

My level designer quit. The artist also hasn’t checked in for three weeks – one more and I’ll just assume they quietly quit.

Team? What team? At this point, everyone has either quit, gone on indefinite hiatus, or simply ceased communication.

But this isn’t the first time that’s happened, either, so I’m not even being too emotional about it right now.

When I first started work on the game, I got help from several friends, who mostly backed out when the time came to actually start working on the game. All but a few of the remaining proceeded to quit after doing just a little bit of work. The remaining people found themselves too busy with other things to continue.

Similarly, this time, people actually started quitting without telling me they were, but at least they bothered doing a sizeable amount of work first. That said, their quitting means I can’t use what they’ve done, so it doesn’t even matter. I almost prefer the people who don’t do anything.

I believe I’ve previously stated my belief in Sturgeon’s Law, Finagle’s Law and Hofstadter’s Law? Repeating them for your convenience:

90% of everything is complete and total garbage.

In this case, the people who seem to be willing to help me. The only one who hasn’t bailed simply has no useful skills (except he has a high-pitched voice, which is useful for voicing, but I lack the need for a high-pitched male voice).

Anything that can go wrong will do so at the worst possible moment.

When I’m finally making headway in getting the game working decently well, the team that appeared to be solid starts collapsing around me.

It will always take longer than you expect, even when you take Hofstadter’s law into account.

With no people left aside from me, I’m starting to think a 2018 release (that is, a year after I’d graduate from law school if I were to get in in the first place) would be great, taking any other possible problems into account, and that a 2014 release is wishful thinking.

If the artist really isn’t going to show up (assume he didn’t if I don’t say anything within a week and the video with the bad ending theme gets taken down), that’s the end of me working in a team. From this point forward, unless someone at least as serious as me shows up, I work alone. Only other exception is if they’re under contract.

That also means that, unless I can get some decent funding, the game’s visuals and songs will be terrible, unless having me sing the music a capella counts as a soundtrack. My drawing really sucks, so the interface will probably be ugly or generic, and the 3D models will be several basic shapes put together with some solid colours. All 2D shots of the characters will be screenshots of those models.

In exchange, the game will actually be finished. With only one person at the helm, people dropping out is not the issue – it’s the amount of time it’ll take for the game to be finished that’s the problem.



3 thoughts on “Collapse all the Way

    • He was one of those “quit when it comes time to actually do something” types. There’s no work to use.

      As for the rest of them and being unable to use their work, it’s more along the lines of not yet having secured the rights to use their work in the finished product before they randomly cease communication.

  1. I have experienced exactly what you are going through. A group of eight of us initially gathered together for a meeting and we solidified the game idea we all had. When it came time to develop, nobody would show up for our meetings, work-times, or anything. I gave up and started on my own project.

    Thankfully, I have no other person holding me back from finishing my current project, and if I need help I do have people I can contract in if I get the funds. But then again…funds is another issue.

    Really, what it takes is determination. I am accomplishing more on my own than with a team. I even am busier than most of the people who quit the original project…and I’m super dedicated still. When you really think about it, it is about people management and forcing people to sit down and work.

    I wish you luck! Don’t despair! If you are passionate about something, you should never give up your dreams of finishing it. Even if it takes longer, you will still be proud of the finished product.

    A Fellow Indie Developer,


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