Return all the Way

The artist has returned after 4 weeks of nothing!

Apparently, his lack of communication was a combination of his forgetfulness, the Olympics, and cold feet.

So he brought this concept piece for Shock with him and asked me where I think he should focus next. The rest of that conversation will remain behind the scenes, but I’ll still show the art for Shock.

Now, when I tried describing Shock to him, I said that I had no idea what kind of cat he should be, but his love interest is a pure white snow tiger. I also said that I pictured him as purple with a yellow lightning bolt symbol on his side.

So yes, this is very different from my vision of him. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.

My first reaction when seeing the image was that I should probably rewrite the character’s lines to have a Spanish accent. I don’t know why, but the art makes me feel as if I absolutely must do so. I probably won’t, though. I don’t really know.

There’s no real docking the choice of cat species here, though. It certainly looks like a fast one.

Unlike Magnet. There was enough to discuss about him, even without the wheels or the guitar.

I just realized that I don’t really have enough to talk about in terms of Shock’s design until we have art of him in Lightning Mode.

Oh well. To avoid making this an extremely short post, I’ll also say, continuing from my previous post about the story, that the rewritten story should be far easier to write a blurb for than the previous on was. Seriously, first attempt:

Fight the terrorists that use… the power of love!?

On the fantasy world of Hephaestus, by the goddess’ orders, animals were granted superpowers, longer lifespans and superior intellect. After the war that followed, terrorists known as “DOGS” appeared and struck fear into the world’s population. Follow our heroes as they put a stop to DOGS and learn the secrets of the world!

That was significantly easier to put together than before.

Now, if you excuse me, back to proofreading I go.