Clarity all the Way

I’ve previously had a somewhat annoying problem when it came to stat calculation. Namely that letting any one stat that was factored in slip too low meant that you ended up with stats near zero. While it made logical sense to penalize this much for, say, letting stamina slip too low, most of the time it’s just annoying, realistic or not.

In addition, I’d realized that I was making use of what TV Tropes calls Critical Existence Failure. Health was not factored into calculations at all.

I just managed to solve those. If I’m not mistaken, I previously stated the stat calculation was along the lines of this:

Base Stat * Stamina * Sync

Well, it was actually more along these lines:

(Base Stat * Stamina% * (Sync% + 1%) * 1000) + 1000

The added 1000 at the end (and the 1% added to the Sync%) was to prevent it from staying at 0. Before I made this change, I was using the far less sensible calculation that was:

(Base Stat * 1000) + Stamina + Sync

Which, of course, made it so characters with more stamina had higher stats. Changing it to a percentage made it so having more stamina just meant a smaller hit to your stats per thing you do.

But now, I’m using this:

Base Stat * ((Health% + Stamina% + Sync%) / 3) * 1000

This made it so remaining health gets factored in, and that any one of the three altering factors can only affect a third of the stat at a time (except Sync – it can affect two thirds, since it can go from -100% to 100% and starts at 0). Your stats don’t drop near zero unless all three are low, in which case you’re gonna die anyway and they’ll be reset back to default if you can afford the extra life.

Of course, people had been previously complaining that they don’t quite understand what effect their switching and such were having on their stats. I made it more obvious by making the Sync bar easier to fill and empty, but now that its effects have been subdued, I need to outright state that a difference is being made for people to understand that one is.

So I added this to the pause screen:

The amount by which one’s stats are being multiplied, as well as the stats post-multiplication, are spelled out in plain English. The multiplier, if one logically thinks through the calculation, will always be between 0 and 1.33.

This should fix all clarity and calculation issues. I just have to remember to have a menu like that on the pause screen and/or somewhere on the regular UI when visual assets get to that point in development.