Self-Characterization all the Way

Turtles all the Way has an author avatar playing a by no means small part. Something I made absolutely sure to do was to characterise myself properly, thereby making my author avatar fit in as a natural part of the universe (because, let’s be honest, being an author avatar doesn’t exactly disqualify the character from seeming normal with all of the other ridiculous stuff I expect people to believe in the setting).

In order to do such a thing, I had to look at my own personal flaws, from my manner of speech to my viewpoint on life, I had to nail myself down, since if I couldn’t… who could?

So… what, exactly, are my traits? A few things I noticed right off the bat were my loud voice and knack for thinking up weird things. Added to that was my tendency to pace. I would have added in my constantly shaking hands, but people might mistake that for a glitch, since there’s no point where that’s explicitly brought up in conversation.

But, even after that, a few things felt off… then I noticed that I was forgetting my upbeat personality, and the contrasting cynic feelings about reality, feelings of inadequacy, and defeatist thoughts, my large amount of phobias, my tendency to dismiss people, my refusing to take arguing seriously because people are too stubborn for arguing to have any effect, and all that other good stuff. Sadly, however, the author avatar’s appearances are far too sporadic to establish things like this in any meaningful fashion. But I can still imply it to hell off-hand.

Something that people would probably dismiss immediately as having no meaning at all, however, is my a cappella theme song Anthony’s Amazing Awesomeness, which I happen to have recently revised and re-recorded with my new, good microphone, and finalized:

If you pay attention to the song, it seems completely random and WTF-worthy, but then you notice that it actually has a pretty decent beat, as well as the rather somber tempo. Believe it or not, this is actually quite accurate to my past. I was once a class clown who was hated by most for a long time, and then I suddenly became less and less marginalized in high school, as people noticed I was actually a pretty decent person. But, after graduating from high school, my idealism ceased to exist. Those three things are all still very much a part of me, however, and they therefore became the components for the song.

Admittedly, I might be putting a little too much effort into what is largely a joke character, but whatever.