Under Your Radar: Mysterious Girlfriend X

When a boy learns about sex for the first time, he’s sure to wonder who his first partner will be.

With all sorts of romance series involving sex in an implied or explicit fashion nowadays, it’s rare to see one where romance develops very, very slowly without being irritating. This is what makes the manga/anime Mysterious Girlfriend X notable.

It doesn’t take much to explain this one. An ordinary kid by the name of Akira Tsubaki attends school as usual, only to see that a new girl has transferred in, named Mikoto Urabe. She… really doesn’t do anything other than mind her own business and sleep during lunch, until she suddenly starts laughing in the middle of class one day. This all leads to everyone thinking of her as weird and keeping their distance.

At an unspecified later date, Akira goes to the classroom to get something, when he notices that Mikoto’s still asleep. He wakes her up and she leaves, though she’s drooled all over the desk. So Akira does the only logical thing.

Tastes it.

Yes. This is the thing about this series, it contains a lot of spit-swapping, and never through kissing.

Pictured: The usual method.

In fact, when Akira and Mikoto start secretly going out, Akira tends to suck some of her saliva every single day, in order to avoid feeling the addictive effects he did when he tastes it the first time, as I noted above. He ends up bedridden until the instant he tastes it again, and Mikoto just laughs at him when he asks if there’s anything weird about her saliva.

And they seem to be able to get a grasp of each other’s feelings, as well as communicate wordlessly with each other and copy any injuries from each other by tasting saliva. Yeah, I don’t get it either, but it’s something that’s distinctly off-putting until you get used to it.

What’s also strange is that Mikoto allows this every day, but refuses something as simple as holding hands or hugging, responding to both of those by… pulling a pair of scissors out of her panties and cutting things up.

He understandably comes to fear the damn things. For the record, he ends up unharmed, but the boxes behind him end up cut into the shape of a person.

What’s even weirder is that she’s fine with being naked in front of him when he’s blindfolded, and then letting him taste her saliva at that particular point, giving him a massive nosebleed.

Basically, much like how The World God Only Knows has a very much decent plot, but the main draw remains to be Keima, this series is plotted quite decently as well, but Mikoto is pretty much the only reason one should watch. If you find her eccentricity interesting, then you should give this a watch and/or read. That said, I’d recommend the anime due to the manga’s rather ugly art if nothing else. It’s available on Crunchyroll here, and Sentai Filmworks will be releasing it in English.

From this point on, we’re going to do even bolder things.


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