Red Light all the Way

Steam Greenlight went up yesterday to a large slew of problems. I facepalmed at a lot of them, if I were to be honest.

Among these problems, I must sadly say, is that it got flooded with shovelware almost immediately. Ugh.

Also, Valve couldn’t even be bothered to let people search by popularity, filter out games they don’t care about without having to vote up/down on them, etc. It’d be nice if they could have a separate tab for newly added games, another separate one for games without playable builds, and another one for games put up by people other than the developers themselves, then have the main one be all other games, sorted by popularity. At least, that’s how I would have done it.

Incidentally, don’t even think about putting Turtles all the Way up there, if anyone who was thinking of doing so is reading this. It’s simply not ready yet. In fact, I don’t yet know if I have to scrap the central mechanic – there’s no way to know how it really factors into everything until I have at least one level ready to go, and I don’t have everything I need for one put together yet. I need to finish putting the attacks together and get proper pathfinding working, as well as the AI on the partner character. Then I need to learn how to design levels, since I wasn’t originally going to be the one to do that.

It goes without saying that fun is one of the most important things about a game. Sadly, I cannot tell if the current design is fun at present. While some would say that it’s probably not, I present this video from tomorrow’s Under Your Radar entry as a counter-argument:

I’m using this to show the battle system for the featured game, Tales of Graces ƒ. I found it to be rather fun. But what happens if you take the parts apart and look at them in words, or even separately? Look at tomorrow’s explanation on that game’s battle system, and I can almost guarantee that it wouldn’t sound fun if I didn’t include this video to show what it all looked like in practice.

In fact, Chain Capacity is something that sounds like it would be irritating as a mechanic, but it’s not, really. It’s just a necessary limitation to prevent early-game brokenness. Likewise, the Sync mechanic in Turtles all the Way seems like it would be annoying, but is there as a necessary limitation to using only half of the pair of characters for too long at the expense of the other. It’s all about perspective, and that’s not something one could easily have for a game mechanic until prototyped (unless it’s a really, really bad mechanic).

So yeah. Until I can get a proper grasp on whether or not the game is fun, I dare not put it on Steam Greenlight. This is also compounded by how I currently lack a logo… or very many artistic assets for that matter. I have cubes moving around – that’s not enough.

In any case, I hope I’ll have more to show soon.