Let’s Set Some Ground Rules

It took longer than I expected, but I finally got a stupid, non-spambot comment on this blog. I won’t specify where, though.

But now that it has finally happened, time to set some ground rules about comments on this blog.

It goes without saying that I will not tolerate spambots or any other form of spam. Those generally don’t get through my filter, either, so I tend to not worry about it.

But for rules than humans have to follow when posting on this blog, let’s go with this:

I will not tolerate any comments that amount to “You’re wrong and you should feel stupid for holding that opinion.” In addition, if you’re going to disagree with me, you must at least present some semblance of an argument.

As of now, any posts to that effect will result in the person who posted it getting blocked. I may allow you to comment again if you provide a sincere apology for wasting my time and souring my mood, but do note that I do not give third chances. Also, I’m really picky as to whether or not I believe an apology.

If stupid posts that do not fall under this category get posted, more rules will be added. Let’s try and keep the list as short as possible.

Keep that in mind and move along, everyone. Nothing to see here.