Liebster of Fate

Yes, I’m fully aware that the title could be translated from German into “boyfriend of fate”. Shut up, it sounds cooler this way.

Voltech went and sent me a Liebster award, and I’m bored, so I may as well fill out as many of the sections as I can, even though I don’t have nearly enough blogs to recommend.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
  3. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
  4. Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post.
  5. Go to their page and tell them.
  6. No tag backs.

Problem is that I don’t have 11 blogs that I follow, I only follow one. And I barely ever check in anymore. I should probably correct that, and my first step will be stealthily following Voltech’s blog, Cross-Up.

But, in any case, onto the steps. First, 11 things about me.

But I’ve already said stuff like that so many times that you’d be able to look at my about page and already be able to count more than 11. Ugh. Fine, to recap:

11 Things About Me

1) My hands are perpetually shaking.

Why? Hell if I know, but if I had to guess, it’s because of the bullying I was subject to in one particular school. When my mother found out, she called the police and we’d found out that the principal had been pocketing the money that should have been spent on security cameras. Ever since then, my mother has apparently noticed that my hands are always shaking. To be perfectly honest, aside from being unable to do anything that requires physical precision, I don’t mind, despite my mother’s repeated discontent at my inability to stop it. As for why I was bullied in the first place, it was a combination of racism and…

2) I started school at age 3.5 and skipped grades.

Of course, I was eventually held back multiple times due to the age difference and nothing else, including some sneaky other principals who never informed us and hid it as best as possible. I still have a 1-2 year lead on most people, though.

Despite that and being in the Enhanced program since my third time through grade 4 (translation: top 1% of students)…

3) I am of the belief that I am an idiot. That said, I think most other people I’ve met are even stupider.

I think this one explains itself.

Before you feel offended: If I ever gave you the time of day, it’s because I either don’t think you’re an idiot or am giving you the benefit of the doubt until I know for sure.

4) Most things I enjoy start out terrible (or significantly worse than they are later) and become better as time passes.

Negima!, The World God Only Knows, Neptunia, you name it.

5) Other things I enjoy are generally quite… eccentric.

Remember, I think Ben-To is the best anime to grace this planet, and it’s about fighting over half-price food.

6) I like Japanese media because, for the most part, Western media is too repetitive. (Not that Japanese media is much better if you aren’t looking in the right places.)

And some that go with this:

7) I don’t read many Western comics because I’ve yet to hear of one to my tastes – I’m tired of superheroes, and the rest don’t get enough exposure for me to hear of them.

8) I look for consistency and good plotting in a story, the first being a bit more important than the second.

That last one is the main reason why I prefer Eastern comics over Western comics. At least the artist and writer remain consistent throughout the majority of the time.

9) I have never been to a convention in my life.

I’d love to go to an anime convention, but I want to clear out my list of anime, mange and game purchases first, and that’ll take a while. My first conventions will probably be the ones I drop by to advertise Turtles all the Way.

10) “Burnpsy” comes from “Psyburn”, an attack from old Pokémon cards, flipped around.

I literally came up with it on the spot.

11) I tend to look up ridiculous amounts of information about things I like.

I have no idea why.

I suppose the 11 questions he gave me come next:

Answers to 11 Questions

1) Surprise!  You’re a superhero.  What’s your superpower?

The fabric of reality will bend to my will.

In that sense, you could say that the character Joe Cuidado is a bit of wish fulfilment.

2) As a corollary to the above, are you a hero or a villain?

A hero in the sense that I’ll make crime not exist near me. Otherwise, either one is too much trouble.

3) As a corollary to the corollary, what’s your catch phrase?  Some variant of “It’s clobberin’ time,” perhaps?

Given the lines I wrote for Joe Cuidado’s attack calling, probably something to do with light. Seriously, here’s a few excerpts:

O light that pierces through time, strike a hundred and a thousand times!

Great merciful light, eliminate those who believe in miracles, for they have been forewarned!

Soothing rays of light that rain upon us forever, illuminate the explosion that appears before you!

That started out purely accidental, but then I noticed and made it deliberate.

4) Have you ever been in a fight?

Someone attacked me when I was a kid. My parents told me not to fight, so I tickled him into submission. They called my parents, not theirs. :/

5) Have you ever had (or still have — not that anyone’s judging) an imaginary friend?

I once imagined many of them, including my favourite stuffed animal at the time, a green dog named Clifford.

6) You hear that there’s an ancient treasure, and you narrow down the location to two places: a deep jungle, or a mountain summit. You only have the resources for one expedition.  Where do you go?

I’m afraid of heights, but there are probably snakes in the jungle, amirite?

So I’d opt for the mountain, if I really had to.

7) And now you’re in an RPG!  You have a choice of being a fighter, a mage, or a thief.  What do you choose, and why?

The only time I ever went for a thief-like build was in Skyrim, and I’ve never played as a mage (too fragile), so I’d go for fighter. Or thief, depending on mechanics – whichever leaves me safer and/or more useful.

8) You can have your dream machine — a new computer, a rocket car, jetpack, personalized mech, etc. — delivered to you by tomorrow morning.  What do you want?

A machine that makes a story for me in any medium I want, with all the bells and whistles done well, from just my describing it into a microphone. The machine would also let me edit things as I please even after the final product has been made.

9) You have the power to resurrect any canceled/finished TV show, with the original cast and writing that’s better than ever.  What do you revive?

I would have Negima!‘s anime done right, dammit!

10) You’ve been struck by lightning!  Oh nutbunnies!  What are (presumably) your last words?

I’m torn between these two:

I guess this is…

( •_•)>⌐■-■

Lights out.


The meaning of life is… *dies*

11) And just to close out on a curveball, what’s your dream?

For the stories I write to be enjoyed by people around the world. The prerequisite being that I get the opportunity to have someone help me finish the damn things.

As I’ve previously said, I don’t have anyone to send these 11 questions to, but I see I have quite a few followers anyway – ~40 unique non-spambots – so I’ll allow up to 11 people to shamelessly plug their blog in the comments, provided they answer these questions on their blog as if I had nominated them.

11 Questions

1) Why are you even reading this post? Are you that bored?

2) So… what do you think of meaningless awards like this?

3) Kumquat?

4) Knock knock.

5) Do you like shorts?

6) You find yourself in Zero Wing’s opening sequence, but you’re not one of the zigs. Who are you?

7) What’s what behind you!?

8) You have five seconds before the world explodes. What do you do?

9) How many times do I have to tell you that guns are garbage compared to other weapons?

10) Up – Up – Down – Down – Left – Right – Left – Right – B – A. Your response?

11) Lasers or nukes?

I suppose that’ll do.

‘Till next I post! :p