Rundown the Street

Lots of stuff has been happening lately, but I don’t feel like writing big posts about each thing, so let’s take this all on at once…

The fifth mainline Ace Attorney game was announced recently for 3DS. It will also be receiving a localization, though that part of the news was apparently a leak and not official word. It will take place one year after the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and will feature Phoenix’s return to his role as protagonist, as well as some new girl in yellow, who’s an attorney herself, as Phoenix’s obligatory helper, like Maya, Trucy and Kay from previous titles.

Much to No Limit’s chagrin, a second season of High School D×D has been green-lit. The series sold well, so it was rather obvious that this was coming. FUNimation licensed the first season and streamed it as it aired in Japan, albeit censored in one of the stupidest ways possible.

I’ve read a few volumes of the original light novels, and while a lot of stuff happened earlier than intended in the anime’s first season, we should still be in for lots of plot in this new season.

An anime adaptation of the OreShura light novels was green-lit some time ago. I briefly discussed the series in my first ever Under Your Radar entry, which can be found here. I barely even said anything in that post, however, so I do intend to discuss it in more detail after the anime’s run. Needless to say, I like it and hope people don’t turn it away due to what the premise sounds like.

To recap, the story’s premise is about two people who don’t care about love using each other as a cover, since one of them found all of the boys approaching her annoying and blackmailed the other into following along. His childhood friend doesn’t know about the blackmail, but is outraged at the guy for getting a girlfriend who isn’t her.

Oreimo‘s eleventh light novel volume has announced that the next volume, the twelfth, will be the final one. Season two of the anime is currently in production, and it might just be able to cover the rest of the story if it’s given enough episodes (season one covered the first five volumes in 15 episodes, and there are seven novels and a few side-stories to go, so 24+ should do it).

The first volume of the manga adaptation was just released in English as well by Dark Horse Comics. I haven’t read the manga, but I hear it’s on an extended hiatus in Japan.

Dance in the Vampire Bund just ended its run in Japan. Seven Seas Entertainment has been releasing the series in English faster than scanlations could, so it should be ending in English soon as well.

I would go pick the entire series up now, but I should note that an announcement in the same issue as the final chapter said that it would be starting a short spin-off in the next issue and a part two in the spring. That should have been clear from the start, dammit.

At least the writer didn’t wait for the release of the final volume to say that, like a certain other mangaka.

Steam Greenlight has added a $100 fee to future submissions. This has caused outrage from developers. If you couldn’t tell from reading this blog, indie developers typically don’t have much money, so $100 for an opportunity to be included in a voting process, after which Valve will look at successful applicants and will consider them for release on Steam isn’t exactly a good use of money, since that’s groceries for a month for a lot of developers.

Sadly, both journalists and the gaming public don’t quite understand this. Valve, however, is saying that they’ll be looking into a lot of potential solutions to the issues that plagued Greenlight, and I hope it includes lowering the fee.

The third Neptunia game has opened with the strongest sales the series has seen so far, over 36000, and opened in 5th on the Japanese sales charts. An anime adaptation was also announced. NIS America handled the first two games’ English releases, but has yet to say a word about this one. That’s too bad, since the game is the best of the series so far, and this series definitely needed improvement in all areas.

Now for something relatively out of left-field. A recent post on Cross-Up spoke about Tales of the Abyss‘ sidequests. I have to agree that they are at old JRPG standards of contrived, which is perfectly legitimate since it’s an old JRPG.

I would like to make clear that Tales of Graces, which I have recently covered on Under Your Radar, has no such ridiculousness in it. This is what the most sidequests are in the game:

The long and short of it is “Bring me X amount of Item Y and I will give you Reward Z.” Reward Z usually includes money or SP (which is the equivalent of experience points for titles, which, as I said in the Under Your Radar entry, is more important than levels).

What I’m trying to say here is that the problem was so prevalent among older JRPGs that they’ve been almost universally phased out. When that isn’t the case, it tends to be part of a deliberate gameplay mechanic (but I’ll rant about what’s probably the biggest offender later). Still, it’s a risk taken whenever one plays an older JRPG. Personally, I avoid most of those annoying sidequests. They only interest me if they affect the game’s ending in any way, since I’m more interested in the story than getting 100%.

Well, I’ve suppose I’ve said enough for now. Later, everyone.


3 thoughts on “Rundown the Street

  1. “A recent post on Cross-Up…”

    *strokes chin * I thought the format of this post seemed a little familiar…*glittering wink*

    All right, enough tomfoolery. I’ve been thinking about what I said about Tales of the Abyss’ sidequests in the days since, and while I’m not about to take back what I said, I still feel like I should have made some kind of addendum. Labyrinthine sidequests like that were likely not only prevalent in old JRPGs, but expected and accepted as well…for somebody out there, I’d wager. As much as I like JRPGs, and as many JRPGs as I’ve played, there’s still a big gap in my experience thanks to being raised on platformers and co-op games back in the SNES/Genesis era (I had a Genesis). So…yeah, I might have been a little too hasty.

    …That still doesn’t make sidequests like those in Abyss any less annoying.

    Speaking of Tales, I can’t believe I missed your post on Graces f. (Friggin dashboard updates must have pushed your post off the list.) I need to fix this immediately. And away I go!

    *jumps out window*

    • I’m actually not asking you to change your opinion. In a sense, I was agreeing with you.

      The industry is still young (console gaming turned 35 recently, IIRC). These things are still being ironed out, and likely won’t be optimized during our lifetimes.

      • Yeah, yeah, I know. I just felt like I should have added at least a slight nod to old conventions. But like I said, I’m not about to take back what I said on Abyss (or any other game with ridiculous, convoluted, obscure, or counter-intuitive sidequests) anytime soon.

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