Wii U Launch and Bayonetta 2

We have full information about the worldwide Wii U launch. Earlier today, Nintendo made several good announcements to push their new system, including their two different versions, one of which comes with a whole slew of extra stuff for $50 more (who wouldn’t go for that?). A $300/$350 launch is completely fair for the Wii U, especially since the Xbox 360 with Kinect cost $300 until just after the announcement.

It even seems to have a fairly decent launch library, yet people are still disappointed, mainly because it’s a Nintendo system in the first place – they’ve already decided that the system was bad and wouldn’t have anything of note on it.

So I’m not surprised at all about the stupidity of the internet’s response to the announcement of Bayonetta 2‘s un-cancelation that happened in exchange for becoming a Wii U exclusive, to be published by Nintendo.

I’m not the first one to say this, but really, people? The game was apparently cancelled until now. The game wouldn’t even exist if Nintendo hadn’t picked it up. That’s what it means to be cancelled. There is no justification out there for all of the threats (and I even see death threats already) over it. If you want Bayonetta 2 on other systems, too bad – Nintendo’s the publisher, so you aren’t going to be seeing it. You have two options here: Buy the system and the game, or don’t buy the system and don’t play the game.

I’ll be honest here, I’ve never even played Bayonetta. I will rectify this soon, but the second game not being on PS3 and 360 like its predecessor should not be an instant deal-breaker. Look at freakin’ Kingdom Hearts for a moment – it’s been on PS2, PSP, GBA, DS and 3DS, as well as some non-iOS phones in Japan. Yet people still lap the series up as if it were second-nature. If the system gets more games to your tastes, I ask you, why not pick the thing up? That’s kinda the point of a new system’s launch. Bayonetta 2 isn’t even coming within the launch window – there may be plenty of time yet for more games you want to show up on the system.

What I’m trying to say here is that the childishness needs to stop. Whining about it is meaningless – if you don’t want it badly enough to pick up a Wii U, that’s your choice. I’ve been seeing people around whom are perfectly willing to get the system because of the game’s exclusivity, I’ve seen it seal the deal for others, and I’ve seen people finally allow the Wii U onto their radar after hearing about it. This means that the exclusive is doing its job – it’s pulling people to the system. You’re acting as if Nintendo is not allowed to get good exclusives. That is not your decision to make.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Wii U Launch and Bayonetta 2

  1. “It even seems to have a fairly decent launch library, yet people are still disappointed…”

    I find this utterly baffling. People say they want more Nintendo games besides Mario and Zelda. Nintendo brings out Pikmin 3. People are still unsatisfied. People want third-party support. Nintendo reveals Project P-100. People are still unsatisfied. Pikmin and P-100 are effectively ignored.

    Apparently, I understand gamers even less than I thought. I’m of the opinion that Scribblenauts Unlimited and Rayman Legends should be MORE THAN ENOUGH to make people shut up and get their wallets ready, but I guess I’m in a damn-near microscopic minority. And now people are sore about Bayonetta 2? I…I just…I suddenly have a headache.

    All right, I’m gonna switch to something more positive before I give myself an ulcer. Bayonetta 1 is fantastic; pick it up as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed.

    • No matter what Nintendo does, they’re always doomed, even when they’re the only one out of the three console makers that’s making an overall profit in their gaming sector.

      You get used to it. Doesn’t justify it, though.

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