Rundown the Street 2

More stuff has happened in the world, so I need another one of these to not have huge numbers of posts flooding in at once. So here we go…

Last night, the third Neptunia game was confirmed for Western release in the coming Spring under the title Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. NIS America will be handling it, as usual. The iPhone app, featuring Neptune and Noire, will also be getting a release. No word on whether or not this includes the Android version of said app. If you’re not familiar with the series, it was covered in my most recent Under Your Radar.

A public service announcement regarding the anime adaptations of Accel World and Sword Art Online, which were both penned by the same author. Though Accel World ended its anime run recently, I feel the need to include it here as well. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the author or what, but volumes 3 and 4 of both works’ original light novels are generally terrible for a variety of reasons. Those volumes took up the second half of the Accel World adaptation and will probably take the second half of Sword Art Online‘s as well at this rate. Both works return to their previous standards of quality afterward, so please do not ignore a season 2 announcement if you like the first halves of either. Second seasons are highly likely for both shows due to high sales (though Sword Art Online is doing far better than Accel World in that regard). If you can’t tell when volumes 3 and 4 are being adapted in either work, look for the smug scumbag antagonists.

I forgot to mention this in my previous rundown, but Archenemy and Hero, also known as Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, which I’ve previously covered on Under Your Radar, got an anime green-lit some time ago as well. A trailer was released, and my hopes of a good adaptation were dashed. The character designs used for it were terrible. Still, it may turn out to be decent… or they could redo the designs and it could be great. Still, keep an eye out.

The anime adaptation of OreShura, which I’d mentioned in my previous rundown, has a confirmed January airdate, placing it in the Winter anime season.

Thomas Romain, the art director for Symphogear, tweeted at the end of August that fans of the series will be receiving good news soon. Yes, I have also covered that series in Under Your Radar.

The price of Aniplex’s Bakemonogatari sub-only blu-ray-only release has been confirmed to be $190 USD. It’s only available as a limited edition as well. Way to milk your fans, Aniplex! Bakemonogatari is the highest-selling anime of this millennium so far in Japan, and is an adaptation of the light novel series whose first instalment has that name.

I’ll assume that anyone who cares about information revealed at the Tokyo Game Show is already following a news site that covered that information, so I’ll refrain from dumping a bunch of information on the stuff revealed there. News of Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney 5 were revealed there, along with trailers for both.

A bit of clarification on the Unity/Nintendo deal I’ve previously posted on: Information on the exact contents of the deal are not clear. As such, we do not know how easy or hard it will be to get access to the Wii U with Unity. This is why I said I’d be trying my hardest to get onto the Wii U – Nintendo wouldn’t let just shovelware onto their service unless it’s from a publisher, and I’m not 100% sure if I fall under shovelware yet.

I’ll try to avoid delaying this week’s Under Your Radar, but no promises.