Fundraising all the Way

I have now taken the first step toward trying once again to garner funds for Turtles all the Way. Some of you who have been following the blog from the beginning would remember Visual Novel Script, which was a script I had put on the Unity Asset Store for $10 and sold a mere two copies, giving me $14 in net profit. With my self-esteem as low as it was, sales doing poorly, and getting nothing but complaints from people, I had it taken down. I have significantly cleaned up things that were complained about back during its initial sale and re-branded it as Storytelling Framework, putting it up once more for $15.

While the people at Unity approved it, they pointed out that the great functionality of the product likely won’t translate to sales, with my poor art style automatically ruining the product’s presentation and turning away potential customers.

Yes, very persuasive presentation I have here. *eyeroll*

My lack of art skills, however, is exactly why I needed to put this up for sale to begin with, though. As such, this has become a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. I have to somehow manage to sell copies with the presentation being shot to hell due to the reason why I’m even bothering to begin with putting it up for sale to begin with.

The product’s main functionality is basically to create 2D conversations in the style of Disgaea, BlazBlue, Neptunia, and most visual novels, in which text appears in a text box on the bottom of the screen while two or more sprites are posing above it. I even added a few features that some of those games don’t have (or only some of those have), which include auto mode (which makes the conversation progress without any need for the player to press any buttons) , a history button (which lets you review everything said up to that point), and a skip button (which takes you to the next scene, or to the decision at the end of the scene if there is one). I also added the capability to set flags, which was one of the first things asked for before.

All of this is done without needing to touch the code. All one needs to do is follow my text parsing rules that are explained in my very detailed instructions, input the art and sound assets, set values in Unity’s inspector, and they’re good to go. Basically, I took all of the work out of it, people could just take art and music and use the thing to create interactive stories with branching paths, no problem.

Try the example story I made with it here.

Will this be enough to sell copies to the point where I can finally say I’m getting somewhere with getting my project funded? I don’t know, but I have to try.

For the record, I get $10.50 USD (70% of the proceeds) for every sale, on the 15th of every month.