Ranged Attacks all the Way

This week’s Under Your Radar has been delayed due to OH GOD, SO MUCH TIME SO LITTLE TO DO… Wait, let me try that again…

In any case, I’ve finished all of the ranged moves, aside from a few potential tweaks (such as knock-back). They can be seen in my newest video:

As I said in the video, Storytelling Framework managed to sell a copy already, which is more than I could say for its predecessor.

In any event, all of those attacks were made in a way that accommodates fast-paced gameplay, which is what I said I was aiming for to begin with. Practically every attack is low-cost, moderate range. Several games I’ve been playing have been showing me the established formula for games of this sort, and most don’t have a stamina bar at all, perhaps a bar for the special attacks at most, which makes my use of it irregular. That’s to be expected, however, since those sorts of games involve mowing down large amounts of enemies and being restricted at all is counter-intuitive. Just something for me to think about, is all.

As I also said in the video, I’m likely going to end up doing the MegaMan StarForce 3 100 HP run after all, but with everything post-commentated due to quality concerns. In fact, I may as well go ahead and start with the recording… or I could play other games (my Steam library suddenly exploded in size recently). This is why I wish I had the money for Fraps, since it’s apparently really good for recording anything, so my videos wouldn’t have to be so blurry when it’s not an internal recording.