Episodes of Life

As you may or may not know, I sometimes like to create episode titles for days in my life as if it were a TV show. Turning 19 made me think “What if I were to sum up my life (up to a point) this way as if it were a single season?” So I tried writing episode titles that would likely be used if a TV show about my life up to the end of high school were ever made (remember, I’m a 3rd-year university student now).

01: The Blur Until Now/The Alleged “Genius”
02: The Last Transfer
03: The Best Becomes the Worst
04: Odd One Out
05: Start Playing
06: We’ll Meet Again
07: Adjustments and Surprise
08: No Matter What You Say
09: Crushed
10: Hammered At Card Games
11: The Annoying Girl
12: The End Snuck Up On Me
13: Let’s Start By Screwing Everything Up
14: The Groups Merge
15: Angels Say “‘Sup?”
16: The End of the Tutorial
17: The Impassable Wall
18: C# and R
19: The Impassable Wall 2
20: Undeniable Proof
21: Exiting and Entering
22: Without the Use of a Jetpack
23: You’ve Lied For So Long
24: The Naive Fool
25: Leave, Return, Join, Quit
26: Children’s Card Games Club, Open!
27: I’m Already Used To Those Impassable Walls
28: Chance Means Nothing
29: It’s Not Supposed To Make Sense
30: Magnet the Turtle
31: All But One
32: Thanks For Putting Up With Me/We Won’t Meet Again

Couldn’t fit it into a season. Not even close. Oh well. XD

And yeah, couldn’t decide on which titles to use for the first and last ones, which is why I put two there.

I’m also aware that those titles are opaque as hell to people who haven’t lived through my life, and it’s not exactly an intriguing topic, but that’s why the Random Musings category exists. :p