Slow Post Season

You may be wondering why I didn’t put up an Under Your Radar earlier. Well, simply put, I have 2 assignments and a presentation due next week. Then, the week after, I have two assignments and a mid-term. The week after that one is relatively light, but then I have 3 assignments due the next week.

While I have 4 days off per week, meaning that I more than enough time to do that and maintain this blog along with my other hobbies, you have to factor in that I recently obtained Pokémon Black 2 and Code of Princess, both very enjoyable experiences. In addition, I’m following no less than 16 anime series this season, a personal record. As such, my hobbies as sapping up all of the time that would normally go elsewhere, including here.

And it’s not just the blog that’s been getting impacted by this. I’ve actually not touched Turtles all the Way since my last post on the subject.

But what can you do? I’ll try to stockpile some posts when I have the time, so you don’t feel as much of an effect of everything jumping me at once, but that’s just not happening until I finish Pokémon Black 2, and I’ve been skipping a few optional areas (and, subsequently, Volcarona, which I’d normally love to be able to train before post-game… at least it’ll be 30 levels stronger when I go after it later) so I could get the story over with and just tackle them when I have free time. Normally I’d have no problem, since I’m used to being underleveled, but the game’s being surprisingly difficult as a result, since this is the first Pokémon game to not mess around on the AI.

So yeah. While I have things I’d love to talk about on here (and my Under Your Radar backlog just keeps getting longer), it’ll be a while yet until you see them. So I guess I’ll be mean and give you a quick list of stuff I’ll be covering in the near future, so you can start eating yourselves in anticipation. >:D

  • Premises and “Normal”
  • The State of the Western Anime and Manga Markets (which will likely be multi-part due to length)
  • How to Poorly Design a Game, Featuring the Record of Agarest War series
  • A new series, updating irregularly: Rightfully Under Your Radar
  • Looking Back At This Generation of Gaming
  • Some upcoming Under Your Radar features, in no particular order (and not all-inclusive – I’m holding back the more surprising stuff):
    • Oreimo
    • Nakaimo ~ My Little Sister Is Among Them!
    • Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne
    • Bodacious Space Pirates
    • Ben-To
    • Student Council’s Discretion
    • Listen To Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!
    • Who’s That Flying?!
    • RunMan: Race Around the World