Melee Attacks all the Way

Oh look, another video. :p

I’ve gotten melee attacks fully working, and most of them are quite similar to each other in principle, with a few getting boosts from specific situations, or having additional requirements or effects. I briefly go over them in the video.

I had my brother test them out, and he found all of them fine with the exception of Sage’s attack, which he found to be too strict in aiming requirements, much like how he found Ruyo’s Sun Burn.

Normally I’d be pointing out, yet again, how I should be working on the enemy A.I., only to end up finishing Special and Combination attacks before even touching it, but we’ll see about that. Something I should note is that my brother rightly pointed out that I should give the player the ability to control their altitude during levitation, so I’m now trying to think of how to best implement it – I might tie it to forward and backward movement.

In any case, I’m considering releasing another pre-alpha soon. Give me your thoughts on the idea in the comments. Remember, the main reason I’m so reluctant to release any more builds is because I got barely any response from my previous attempt.