Game Genres I Like

I’m just making this list because I figure, hey, why not?

This is a list of game genres I like, sorted from most-liked to least-liked. Some specific sub-genres are placed separately on the list because I think more highly/lowly of said sub-genre, and other genres are split into most of their sub-genres because the genre is too all-encompassing. I should note that some games break their specific genre’s placement on the list.


Japanese Role-Playing
Sandbox Role-Playing
Tactical Role-Playing
Beat ’em Up/Brawler/Hack ‘n Slash

Positive Opinion

Massively Multiplayer Online (action, free-to-play)
Western Role-Playing
Arcade/Casual/Party (paid)
Action Role-Playing

Neutral Opinion

Strategy (turn-based)
Shooter (all types)
Visual Novel

Negative Opinion

Strategy (real-time)
Massively Multiplayer Online (other, free-to-play)


Arcade/Casual/Party (free-to-play)
Massively Multiplayer Online (paid)

This list will be useful to have for when people I why I don’t have [popular game x] and prioritize [not-as-popular game y].

Fun fact: Remember how I described Turtles all the Way as a platform brawler with RPG elements? Take a look at the top of the list.


2 thoughts on “Game Genres I Like

  1. Just want to say that I like how you said that you had a negative opinion on the genres, just a very nice way to put it. And because I feel like sharing my opinions, I try to be cool with every genre, but RTS, any form of sport or simulation, MMOs in general, fighters, racing games, and casual games, are all genres that leave me lukewarm at best.

    Most of it owing to how I prefer to play games by myself and at my own pace, never really having my decision rushed out. Although, I think that explaining what you do not find appealing about the specific genre, would be a far better set-up. Although, it is indeed a useful note for figuring out where you are coming from with you title.

    • I would have written an expanded opinion, but each one would be an individual wall of text. I’m thinking of making that a series of posts, which would split up the work a bit.

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