Knockback all the Way

I’ve been too busy, and have too many assignments due soon (since the semester’s nearing its end) to make a lot of blog posts, so everything’s been put on hold, but I figured I may as well post this update to get people up to date on all the stuff I’ve been doing in terms of Turtles all the Way.

First things first, here’s a video showing a lot of it:

As you can see in the video, I’ve gotten auto-spawning for enemies working, as well as knockback/reverse-knockback for all attacks that merit it for both the player and enemy characters. I have all but a handful of generics done in terms of coding,  bosses shouldn’t be particularily hard, and am missing the player characters’ Special attacks, but most of the other gameplay elements are in place.

Aside from that, there’s menus, music, story stuff, and then I’m done the gameplay parts of the code, leaving the visuals as all that’s left.

And, speaking of visuals, I attempted to draw a logo for the game. People following me on Twitter will have seen it, but here it is if you haven’t:

I showed this to a friend and he was so annoyed at how bad it was that he made these for placeholder purposes:

He actually asked me for a description of Magnet before making that second one, but I was in the middle of a nap… >__<“

But yeah, I’ll be having to do a lot more bad drawing unless I find an artist soon, since the gameplay parts of the code are so close to completion.

Until next time!