Pre-Alpha all the Way

Logo From JoshExams ended for me recently, but I don’t have as much to talk about right now for some reason, so this blog will still see less posts than usual.

That said, I’ve been working some more on Turtles all the Way. The composer that went on hiatus returned, so music is slowly coming in once more. Furthermore, as the title for this post would imply, I have a new pre-alpha build to show you (though none of the aforementioned music is in it).

It is recommended that you play it in a 16:9 resolution. Also, I really do want to hear feedback about this build, so I can fix things up based on your opinions (but note that the comment box below auto-closes after 21 days).

This build has all but two of the implemented enemies. Said excluded enemies have 10000 HP and are rather unusual. One of them is stationary, heals you if you get close, but insta-kills you if you’re too close. The other one does nothing until it’s attacked, in which case it’s the most powerful generic enemy in the game.


  • Windows (32-bit), 19.95 MB (93.4 MB after extracting)
  • Windows (64-bit), 19.68 MB (90.4 MB after extracting)
  • Mac, 7.25 MB (38.1 MB after extracting)
  • Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit), 62.89 MB (252 MB after extracting)

All of these have been placed into WinRAR archives, so you’ll need something that can extract RAR archives before you can try it out.

How to Play

You’ll need a keyboard and a mouse with a middle button or clickable wheel.

When you get to the main menu, only the “Level Select” and “Quit” buttons work. Quit works as intended, Level Select takes you to the test level I’ve been using (you can actually win the level if you kill all of the enemies and the spawners run out of enemies to spawn… and lose if you run out of Credits). The only other button that does anything is “Story Select”, which takes you to a list of stories and levels within those stories if you proceed through, but no levels or boss fights will load if you click on them.

After you get to the test level, the controls are as follows (you can see what characters you’re using in the pause menu – you start as the one on the left):

  • WASD to move.
  • Space will let you jump. Pressing it in midair lets you levitate if your character can. Moving forward while levitating will raise your altitude, and moving backwards will decrease it.
    • Base (or Ultimate) Form Ruyo will instead summon an invisible platform. Jumping or getting far enough away from it will get rid of it. His other forms cannot levitate (nor can Turtle Form Spark).
    • Trying to make Milly levitate will make her use her Physical instead, which send her moving forward and dealing damage to things she hits until you press any of the buttons that trigger it.
  • Q to switch characters. I’m not going to explain the Sync system here again, so search it on this blog if you want to know why switching is important.
  • E to defend. Everyone but Shi cannot move (but will still rotate) while defending (Shi summons shields to protect herself at the cost of stamina). While defending, E will stop your defending.
  • The camera turns as you move the mouse, but will only turn left and right, never up or down. Pressing the middle mouse button will open the targeting system if the character you’re using can use it.
    • If the character can, then you cannot use ranged attacks without it being on.
  • Ranged attacks are done with the right mouse button, to the point you’re clicking at (unless you’re using Paisonya, who cannot target). Some characters fire projectiles, some summon physical pillars that grow and contract, some do an AoE hit to the point you clicked on.
    • For all but Haidrow and Base Form Ruyo, a single click is sufficient (you have to hold it for those two if you want to do any decent damage).
    • Shi and Base Form Ruyo will not have anything visible to show their attack unless you hit the target successfully, in which case it will immediately do damage to the enemy at that point.
    • Milly has no Ranged attack, so pressing the button will make her use her Physical.
  • Physical attacks are done with the left mouse button. All of them do damage to a small area visibly shown by the summoned disc, with two exceptions.
    • Paisonya will fire a projectile in a straight line.
    • Sage appears to do nothing unless there’s an enemy close enough to her within an invisible straight line directly in front of her. If there is one, it will be trapped in a box. An enemy in that box will take damage until the box disappears.
  • F will use a Combination attack, which requires high stamina on both characters, as well as high Sync. The resulting attack insta-kills all enemies within a large radius.
    • If you’re wondering why that isn’t mapped to R, it’s because R is reserved for the Special attacks, which haven’t been implemented yet.
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 lets you switch forms/toggle things for the characters where this is possible. Sadly, there are no visual cues as of yet as to what form you are in, but I know for a fact that this is functional.
    • Any of the buttons will let you toggle Magnet’s wings where relevant. The wings slow your speed, but halves gravity, as well as stamina usage for flight.
    • For Spark, 1 sends her to her Base form, 2 for Turtle form, 3 for Phoenix form, and 4 toggles Phoenix Heart (which gives you a boost and lets you use certain moves that you normally couldn’t in your other forms). Phoenix Heart cannot be used in Phoenix form.
    • For either Shock or Paisonya, any of the four buttons toggles Lightning Mode/Resonant Mode, which increases all of your stats at the cost of a lot of stamina.
    • Ruyo switches between forms with the buttons. 1 for Base, 2 for Pirate, 3 for Zombie, 4 for Robot. Pressing the button for the form you’re already in will send him into his Ultimate form, which is nigh-invincible and uses the best combination of the moves from all four.
    • 1 and 3 draw/sheathe each of Shi’s swords, drawing them if they’re out and sheathing them if they’re drawn. 1 represents her shortsword and 3 represents her longsword. Needless to say, she moves faster when she doesn’t have her weapons drawn, but cannot swing a sword that is sheathed. As such, this also affects her attack range and power. Yes, you can have both sheathed simultaneously.
      • Yes, there is a valid reason why 2 and 4 are not in use yet. It has to do with her Special.
    • Any of the buttons will make Milly use her Physical.
  • Escape pauses the game. For testing purposes, there are buttons on the pause menu that let you switch to other pairs of characters. This has the side-effect of refilling their health and stamina and resetting Sync.