Introducing a New Column: Did Not Finish

This may come as no great shock, but I obtain more games on a regular basis than there are months in a year. Obviously, this results in the rate at which I buy being faster than the rate at which I play. My shelves are therefore filled with games I do not complete, but I generally play every game at least enough to get an opinion on it, which it typically enough for me to figure out if I want to continue playing. Then there are entire series of games that I own a large portion of games from but never actually finish any of them.

Of course, I can’t use any of these for Under Your Radar, since one of the rules for Under Your Radar is that I complete the work in question as much as possible at that moment in English. So what am I to do with all of these opinions I could be using to put more content on the blog?

Make a new column, of course!

DNF Logo

I’m still working out the finer points, such as format, flavour and rating scale, but pretty soon I’ll be starting an irregular column by the name of Did Not Finish. The column will, of course, primarily concern things that I’ve started, but not completed. A restriction in place will, of course, be that I will not post something as part of this column unless I have enough of an opinion to make substantial comments on it. Of course, the comments I’ll end up giving will definitely not be 100% informed, but chances are I won’t ever be 100% informed (and I can always put up an Under Your Radar on it if I do become fully informed and the opinion changes as a result).

I actually have a pretty good idea as to what I’ll be writing about first, but I would appreciate some input on how I should set this up. Should it be a straight-up opinion and verdict like Under Your Radar? Should I do something else to shake things up? The comment box is right there (and you could always just tweet or e-mail me your thoughts)!

Now, you may be thinking that I should learn to consistently post Under Your Radar entries before doing this, but that’s why I made it irregular. I’m tentatively making them Wednesday night posts for now, but there’s no telling if I’ll stick to that.


4 thoughts on “Introducing a New Column: Did Not Finish

    • It wasn’t very difficult or complex to make:

      I opened Paint.NET and made three layers. I made the background the checkered pattern you can see rather clearly in the image. Then I looked for stamp-like fonts online that have no commercial use restrictions on them (just in case), and used that to make the second layer the words “Did Not Finish”. After that, I took the paintbrush tool, made the brush width 20 pixels, and used the third layer to white out that corner of the image.

  1. “I’m tentatively making them Wednesday night posts for now, but there’s no telling if I’ll stick to that.”

    Eh. Makes no difference to me; outside of one of two things, every post that appears on my blog is pretty much random. But in any case, just put something up when you can, and I’ll come read it.

    …Assuming it doesn’t get buried by other posts in my dashboard, but you get the idea.

    Anyway, on the format. I don’t mind seeing a setup like your Under Your Radar posts, but I think it’d be to your advantage to include a small section — a paragraph or so, at least — giving your thoughts as to why you didn’t finish the game. Maybe it wasn’t compelling enough? A fatal flaw? Gameplay elements that have been done better elsewhere?

    Eh, just a thought. I’ll leave it up to you.

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