Under Your Radar: Who’s That Flying?!

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It sure has been a while since my last Under Your Radar. This time, we’re covering Who’s That Flying?!, WTF?! for short. It’s a game by Mediatonic that’s been released on PC and PS Minis. The PC version is available on Steam, and the PS Minis version is (obviously) on PSN for use on the PSP or the Vita.

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Front: Earth and Uranus. Back: …I don’t even remember, to be perfectly honest.

The game isn’t particularly complex. You play as the guardian of Earth, on trial for failing to protect his planet. All of the levels are flashbacks as Earth explains that he actually did protect his people.

It’s a rather simple shoot ’em up, though partially unique. The game’s gimmick is that you’re too powerful for the enemies to affect you, but the people you’re protecting aren’t. As such, you have to kill every enemy on the screen – if the get past you, they attack the city. You lose if enough enemies get to the city. The only other way to lose is by running out of time on a boss fight. Aside from normal shots, the only other thing you can do against enemies is chain a lot of attacks together without letting anything reach the city to get temporary laser attacks that can take out a large amount of foes. Some enemies also require that you press the grab button (though you don’t have to get close to do it), and tear them into bits after depleting their health, or they’ll recover and keep attacking.

WTF Promo Screenshot
Given the remaining health and how early in the level (and the game) this is, this is a screenshot of a particularly terrible player.

If you’re just playing for the slightly funny story mode, it’s only 15 levels long, and they’re really short ones. As is fitting for so few levels, there are only a few enemy types, as well. Aside from the ones involving bull-like enemies who rush you and the snot enemies who prevent you from attacking, all of the levels extremely easy when you’re not fighting one of the bosses (which are only moderately difficult due to the time limits placed on them for no reason), so it’s not a very long experience. Normally this would be an instant turn-off, especially at the $6 price it demands on Steam (though Steam’s regular sales tend to sell it for as low as $1.50). However, you have to factor in that it has more challenge levels than it does story levels. Still, there’s not very much to this game, as you can tell by the rather short post this is.


The story is funny, but short. There aren’t that many levels. There’s a no-context time limit imposed on you during bosses to make them pose a challenge. While the gameplay itself is very competent, I cannot recommend Who’s That Flying?! at full price – you can get a lot better in that sort of price range.

RightfulPick it up during a sale or not at all. I enjoyed it, but I probably wouldn’t have if I’d paid $6 for it. Luckily, it’s 75% off right as this post goes up due to the Steam winter sale, however, so feel free to grab it at its current price.



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  1. Hmmm…well, if nothing else, that mustachioed gentleman in the center of the council is pretty awesome-looking. It’s fine if you don’t remember his name, for I shall call him Montgomery.

    And another anime review is on the way? Interesting…very interesting, indeed…

    • The gentleman in the middle was Saturn or Jupiter or something else equally important.

      And yeah, opening the new year of Under Your Radar with some anime reviews.

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